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trial and error

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Q: What would be considered least important in the process of social learning?
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Which of the following would be considered least important in the process of social learning?

Trial and error

How does social organisation and relationships affect the learning process?

Positive social relationships can positively help the learning process, but organizing the seating so that friends sit next to each other can cause distractions and pull away from learning.

What are the social process in learning in and out of the classroom?

The social processes of learning in the classroom are structured conversations that mimic the real world. Out of the classroom these processes are less structured and are true experiences.

Why a social studies textbook is important?

A social studies textbook is important because it shows the information you need about country and what you are learning in class.

What best describes socialization?

The process learning a culture and implementing the practices of that culture

What is the process of learning to recognize and express feelings and establish a personal identity?

social development

What is the most important single factor in addiction?

Social learning is considered the most important single factor in addiction. It includes patterns of use in the addict's family or subculture, peer pressure, and advertising or media influence

Is history considered a social science?

Yes, it is considered a social science because it has the most important characteristic of a social science: it studies the social life of groups and individuals.

What kind of learning is traditionally classified as learning by association?

social learning

What is social learning in animals?

Social learning in animals is simply the learning of social interactions, like talking.

Social learning theorists emphasize that?

observation and imitation play a crucial role in the gender-typing process.

What is meant by the term Social Learning?

This is the process of people learning by watching the behavior of others. They learn how to change and control their own behavior by seeing how others behave.