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Q: What would be the model number on a 1941 kelvinator refrigerator?
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How old is a Kelvinator Refrigerator Model N500BDR?

I would say it would have been made around '99-01

Can anyone want your 1946 Kelvinator still in working order I hate to throw it away.?

yes...i am looking for the exact make and model refrigerator if still available please please let me know. it would be going to a great new owner

What size is your Kenmore Refrigerator model 25363894300?

For Kenmore refrigerators, the 3rd digit after the decimal point indicates the capacity. Your model number would be written as 253.63894300. The 3rd digit after the decimal point is an 8. Your refrigerator is 18 cubic feet.

How many watts does a 25 cf whirlpool refrigerator use?

Not enough information. To answer this question, you would need to provide the model number and probably the serial number as well.

How do I make a working model of an environmentally friendly refrigerator?

You might be a step or two ahead of yourself. Wouldn't the first step to have some concepts that would make a refrigerator more environmentally friendly? You can't make a model before you know what the components of the model are.

How do you change door handle on LG refrigerator?

It would depend on the model number of your refrigerator. Once you know the model number you can go to a site like <> and look at a detailed model number breakdown to see how to change the handles. They have the handles for sale also.

What year was Gibson refrigerator model rt14f2dv28 made?


In order to answer that I would need your phones brand and model number.?

In order to answer that I would need your phones brand and model number.

When do you call a refrigerator repair man?

The answer to your question would depend on the make, model and features on your current refrigerator. Checking your manual should give you a good idea of which parts you would be able to replace on your own, and often where you can purchase said parts.

What is the age of Colt serial number S13160A?

What model would it be? which model ?????????

What year is a Johnson outboard model number j175exarg?

Johnson outboard model number J175EXARG, would be a 1994 year model.

How old in your Winchester model with the serial number 3326874?

I would have to have the model number along with the serial number to correctly date your winchester.