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It is most likely a model 1900. They where only made from 1900-1910.

I have one with serial #343641 that was made around 1905.

You can find them on Remington's web site.

Value is hard to determine without picture or more info. Most bids start around $400.

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Q: What would be the year made of a Remington 12gage double barrel shotgun model 361211?
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Will a Remington 1187 barrel fit on a auto5?

NO! The 1187 barrel was for remington shotguns,the auto-5 shotgun is a browning shotgun.

What is the value of a Remington model 1893 single barrel shotgun?

Try posting at Remington Society of America.

How does one remove the barrel on a Remington Model 29 shotgun?

You can request a manual from Remington on their web site.

What is the value of a Remington model 1894 single barrel 12 gauge shotgun?

The Model 1894 Remington was a side-by-side shotgun. The Model 1893 was a single-barrel shotgun with a side hammer. The 1893 in excellent original condition can bring $300.

Remington Baikal SPR94 22WMR410?

Remington O/U rifle/shotgun combo. 22 mag on the top barel, .410 shotgun on the bottom barrel.

What year is a Remington wingmaster model 870 with the serial number 35150w?

They have date code stamps on the barrel which can be looked up on the manufacture date link on the Remington Society of America. --- Update: It's important to note that the barrel on the shotgun MAY not be the barrel that was originally on the shotgun at purchase. Check the serial number with Remington.

What are the barrel lengths for all the different versions of the Remington Model 10 shotgun?

The Remington Model 10 slide action has barrel lengths of 26" 28" 30" and 32"

What does dbl in Remington stand for?

I don't see dbl in Remington, if you mean the dbl in general when when referring to a Remington firearm that's double as in double barrel shotgun, derringer, etc.

Where can you purchase a Remington 48 barrel?

There are a few specialty shotgun barrel dealers that deal in obsolete models, plus there is always eBay.

What is a Remington H70?

Remington H 70 is a Law Enforcement shotgun, 18 inch barrel without choke. Good Personal Protection gun,

Do they make a muzzle loader barrel for a Remington 870 shotgun?

i have a remington 870 wingmaster its my grandpas and it has 3 barrels the slug , the bird shot barrel and the muzzeloader barrel it takes a 209 primer just like the the regular muzzeloader its very interesting

What is a Remington model 24 double barrel shotgun worth?

Model 24 is a semi-auto 22.

Will a Remington model 11-48 shotgun except a model 11-87 shotguns barrel?

On Course Not.

What year made Remington 1100 shotgun L689748V?

Date code stamped on left side of barrel, go to Remington Society of America for diagram and chart.

What is the age and value of a Remington double barrel shotgun serial 127490?

i have the same serial # and i found out that it was a 1973 remington and it shoots like hell i hate it its to old

Will a Remington 870 barrel fit a h r 1871 parden shotgun?

Without seeing it, almost certainly not.

What is the value of a Remington model 1200 pump shotgun?

Well if you cut the barrel and start at the feet,it can be good as a blender.

What year was is a Remington model 1148 shotgun with serial no 5051355?

It's date code stamped on the barrel, see related links for information on the Remington Society of America.

What is the age of Remington shotgun serial number 3459?

Check the date code on the barrel, the details and table lookup are on the Remington Society of America, manufactured date link.

What is the date of manufacture Remington shotgun Model 31T 8818?

check the date code stamped on the barrel. Remington Society of America, Manufactured Date link has the details.

When was Remington 11 shotgun serial number 327911 manufactured?

1928, it will be date code stamped on the barrel. See related links for information on the Remington Society of America.

What is a 1895 Remington single barrel 12 gauge shotgun worth?

A 1895 Remington single barrel 12 gauge shotgun is worth between $200 and $2,000 depending on its condition. The actual value will vary greatly based on the specific model and the buyers interested.

What is the history of a 12gage single barrel elgin arns co. Dec 1900 shotgun?


What is the age of a Remington model 10 shotgun with serial number 203027?

1922, will be date code stamped on barrel, check related links for information on the Remington Society of America.

How old is your Remington model 11 serial 401192?

Assuming your Model 11 Remington is a shotgun. Remington doesn't date firearms by serial number. Receivers (which have serial numbers) are made during one specific time. Later, at some point the receiver is assembled into a complete gun. Remington, for some reason chooses to use "date codes" that are stamped on the shotgun barrel, so assuming the barrel is the original barrel to that firearm, the date code on the barrel holds the key to when that shotgun became an assembled firearm. Actually serial list/dates do exist ;) They are online at the Remington Society of America in the part of the Remington factory log book including model 11's, from my quick list this is a very late shotgun after 1931 (where my quick serial list ends). There is also the date code table there, please see related links.

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