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You may be using the No Wild Pokémon code. This also might occur if you are using a code that causes a specific pokémon to appear incorrectly.OR you might hav glitched your game by using an EXTREMELY long action replay code.

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โˆ™ 2011-05-12 02:36:53
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Q: What would cause Pokemon not to show up when using Action Replay codes?
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How do you use Action Replay Codes for Pokemon soulsilver?

you press action replay codes on Pokemon soul silver

Can you use Pokemon Colosseum action replay codes on Pokemon XD?

No you can't use Pokemon colluseum action replay codes on Pokemon xd

Where can you find codes that let you hack Pokemon FireRed on the action replay?

just Google Pokemon fire red action replay codes or go to youtub and type Pokemon fire red action replay codes

Action replay codes 4 Pokemon Pearl?

go to .com and search Pokemon pearl action replay codes

How do you put in codes in Pokemon Platinum?

you have to purchase an action replay. then, you can type in and research Pokemon platinum action replay codes.

What are some action replay codes for pokemon blaze black?

The Action replay codes for blaze black are the same as Pokemon Black

What are action replay codes to get the tickets on Pokemon ruby version?

action replay

Action Replay codes on Action Replay for Pokemon diamond?

Go to

Can you enter action replay codes without an action replay for Pokemon diamond?


What is the action replay code for have all Pokemon in Sinnoh for Pokemon pearl?

Go to www.code for action replay codes.

Action replay codes for gba Pokemon platinum?

there are not action replay codes for gba only for ds and PC

How do you get preloaded action replay codes to work for Pokemon?

Update your Action Replay firmware, then try using the codes.

How do you use the action replay codes on Pokemon Diamond?

just select Pokemon diamond on the action replay if you do not have it on the action replay you have to type in the code name

How many action replay codes are for Pokemon Diamond and where do I get them all?

Hi! You can get them on or go on and type in What are some action replay codes for Pokemon diamond? Or type in action replay codes for Pokemon diamond and one more Pokemon diamond action replay codes. And there are some websites like will probley pop up and they will have ALOT of codes! Hope this helped ;-)

Where do you type the action replay codes in Pokemon firered?

On an action replay, its program or ect.

Pokemon diamond every ribbon action replay codes? for Pokemon action replay code

Does Pokemon White action replay codes work on Pokemon White?

Pokemon white action replay codesnormally work on Pokemon white

Does action replay dsi give codes for Pokemon SoulSilver?

Yes it does. On Action replay DSi it does have Pokemon Soul Silver, but on Action Replay DS it doesn't.

Event Pokemon Action Replay Codes?

yes there are Pokemon event codes in all the Pokemon games for the action replay ds and the dsi you can go on youtube if you want to find them

What are some action replay codes for Pokemon Pearl?

go to or type this in action replay codes for Pokemon pearl

Codes for Pokemon mystery dungeon explors of darkness on action replay ds?

Google "Pokemon Explorers of Darkness Action Replay codes" However I suggest a website call (You can find it if you Google "Pokemon Explorers of Darkness Action Replay codes") Happy cheating! :)

How can you download action replay cheats onto utimate action replay for Pokemon?

you can't. the codes for action replay are diffent form utimate action replay

Is there an action replay cheat to make the starter Pokemon on Pokemon HeartGold legendary Pokemon?

yes at heartgold action replay codes

Action replay cheat codes for Pokemon pearl on shiny Pokemon?

Should Be On Because i have it when i bought the action replay

What are some action replay cheats for Pokemon Black?

there are not very many pokemon black and white action replay codes.