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What would cause Pokemon not to show up when using Action Replay codes?


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You may be using the No Wild Pokémon code. This also might occur if you are using a code that causes a specific pokémon to appear incorrectly.OR you might hav glitched your game by using an EXTREMELY long action replay code.


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you press action replay codes on Pokemon soul silver

go to codejunkies.com or type this in action replay codes for Pokemon pearl

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go to www.youtube .com and search Pokemon pearl action replay codes

The Action replay codes for blaze black are the same as Pokemon Black

you have to purchase an action replay. then, you can type in Google.com and research Pokemon platinum action replay codes.

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Update your Action Replay firmware, then try using the codes.

there are not action replay codes for gba only for ds and PC

just select Pokemon diamond on the action replay if you do not have it on the action replay you have to type in the code name

To enter action replay codes plug in the action replay and start the console. For activators they should be in the code description.

On an action replay, its program or ect.

www.poke-ar.wetpaint.com for Pokemon action replay code

Pokemon white action replay codesnormally work on Pokemon white

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Action Replay Codes for Platinum, type in specific.

you can't. the codes for action replay are diffent form utimate action replay

Should Be On www.codejunkies.com Because i have it when i bought the action replay

there are not very many pokemon black and white action replay codes.

search platinum action replay codes then import the code to the action replay

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