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Could be a bad Mass Air Flow sensor. About a three hundred dollar part. When The MAF sensor goes bad, the car will crawl when accelerating. The unit is in between the main fuel injection assembly and the air filter. The air filter hose feeds directly into the MAF sensor.

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Q: What would cause a 1994 Grand Am to lose acceleration power?
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What would cause a whisting noise when idle but stop on acceleration in a 1994 Pontiac grand am?

possibly on of the belt pulleys or a vaccum leak

What would cause my1995 Toyota Previa to hesitate during acceleration with no power?

Start at the fuel filter. It may be clogged.

Will a bad thermostat cause a car to lose acceleration?

By itself, the thermostat would have to be stuck closed causing a severe overheat condition to cause a loss of power.

What would cause a 2001 Escape to whine on acceleration?

Bad torque converter? Bad Power steering pump or low fluid?

Would a egr valve make your 1994 Pontiac grand am delay on its acceleration?

yes,if the inner vacuum bladder is cracked it could cause a vacuum leak,this could cause a problem at idle also.

What would cause my 2001 Chevrolet Blazer to lose power under acceleration?

Fuel pump could be possibly getting weak. Happened to my blazer.

Does acceleration have a negative or positive value if the velocity is increasing speed?

In this case, acceleration is positive. Negative acceleration would cause the object to slow down (decelerate.)

Would a bad spark plug make your grand am lose power?

Yes it could and it will cause rough idling and a missing when giving it gas.

What would cause aGroaning noise when turning at low speeds in a grand prix?

Check the level of the power steering fluid. A low level or no level of fluid will cause the groaning noise.

What would cause 150cc scooter to lose power?

what would cause a 150cc scooter to lose power?

Why would a 1989 Honda Accord stall on acceleration?

There are several things that can cause your 1989 Honda Accord to stall on acceleration. The most common cause is a plugged or dirty air filter.

What would cause an object to have a smaller acceleration?

Newton taught everybody that Net Force = Mass * Acceleration. Since we're talking about acceleration, we can rearrange that to be Acceleration = Net Force / Mass. If you want to decrease the acceleration of an object, you would need to decrease the net force applied to it or increase its mass (or both).

What would cause your 93 Pontiac grand am to vibrate in park and during acceleration?

We have one that does that. The mechanic told us it was 2 bad motor mounts, but I haven't fixed them yet (so cannot verify the diagnosis)

Would quick acceleration cause damage to a car?

Maybe. Depends on speed of car

What would cause lack of power and rattling during acceleration?

It depends on if you have a carburetor or fuel injection but it is probably in the throttle body. You could have trash in your throttle body or the throttle body is worn out.

What happends to acceleration if you double the force being applied?

Then the acceleration would also double.Then the acceleration would also double.Then the acceleration would also double.Then the acceleration would also double.

What would cause door locks to operate only sometimes when shifting from park to drive in a 2001 Grand Am?

In my '95 Grand AM it was the CTSY fuse that connects the cigarette lighter with the power lock buttons on the doors. Try replacing that.

What would cause a gas pedal to lose acceleration after starting the car?

It could be your MAF sensor. Mass air flow sensor that measures the air going into the intake. This could likely cause sluggish acceleration.

What would be the cause of a 1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager to die after shifting it into gear?

A transmission that is sticking would cause a 1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager to die after shifting it into gear. A problem with the ignition system could also cause this.

What would cause your 1995 Nissan Altima to stall on acceleration soon after starting?

Your spark plugs.

What cause the Moonroof on 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee to malfunction?

This is a tough one to know for sure. I would recommend you take your Jeep to someone that repairs power windows.

What would cause the transmission to slip on a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan?

The most likely cause would be low fluid level.

What would cause a car to rev high but have little acceleration when taking off?

The most common cause of a engine revving up above losing acceleration is a transmission problem. The transmission may be low on transmission fluid

What would cause an ignition to lock on a Pontiac grand am?

the steering wheel..

What would cause a 1997 Buick Riviera's power steering to fail?

the most likely cause of that would be the power steering pump failing.