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It is probably a corrupt game.

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What would cause an error in a Gameboy Advance after beating the Elite Four in Pokemon FireRed?

maybe clone Pokemon

Which Pokemon game is longer Pokemon FireRed or Pokemon Emerald?

well none of the games are longer there both the same. Pokemon emerald is the same as Pokemon firered.rayquaza says: well i realy think Pokemon Firered is longer for some reasosns... Firered is definetly longer cause you have to save lostle and some other stuff on the islands and every Pokemon in the elite four is about 10 levels higher then emerald's elite four.

How do you get past the gates in the gym in Pokemon FireRed?

if you would say what gates cause i have no idea what gates your talking about plus i have firered i beat the game Gary is the champion on the elite four in fire red

How long does it take to duplicate Pokemon in FireRed?

Can take awhile cause firered wasn't meant for cloning.

Can you get dusk stones on Pokemon FireRed Pokemon?

you cant cause it dosent exsist in fire red

Where is the Pokemon colloseum in Pokemon FireRed?

colloseum? are you sure that's it? cause Pokemon colloseum and Pokemon fire red are two different games.

How do you get Luigi in Pokemon FireRed?

you go to your mom and she will give it to you [you have to have to get a magmar tho cause she trades you

Where are the legendary Pokemon on FireRed?

mewtwo is deep in the cave where the second gym is 1st you need to have the all the HMS 2nd you need to beat the Pokemon league then talk to the person that blocks a cave he will let you in i found about it on youtube good luck cause im still in the elite four

In Pokemon LeafGreen what do you do when you use the unown in A?

Well, when you have all of the unown they cause one of the three legendary dog Pokemon appear, whichever dog Pokemon appears depends on the starter Pokemon that you chose. I hope that this was a helpfull answer!Answer:beating the Elite 4 1-2 times releases your respective Legendary Beast. Suicune = CharmanderEntei = BulbasuarRaikou = Squirtle

What are the 5 fire type Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

Charizard, charmeleon, charmander, ditto sort of counts cause it can switch into other pokemon, flareon, and growlithe.

After beating battle tower on Pokemon Sapphire what is the next objective?

you cant cause its the end of Pokemon sapphire. but the game Pokemon emerald has the whole battle frontier.

How can you get past the team galactic guy with no Pokemon?

HOW ABOUT you defeat the Elite 4. cause theres no way with out Pokemon isn't the game title

What pokemon should you use in Pokemon FireRed?

any but charzard cause you can get growlithe near the start of the game and it should cover any fire needs you have

How do you get the national Dex before getting 60 Pokemon in FireRed?

I think once you beat the elite 4 and the champion,(which I think is your rival) professor oak will come and talk and stuff. I'm not sure yet cause I havent gotten it in fire red, but I did in emerald.

What level does riachu learn spark in Pokemon FireRed?

it doesnt, it can't learn moves cause its evolved with a stone.

How many Pokemon are in firered?

The Poke'dex can go up to 384Actually its 386 cause of jirachi and deoxys.150 Pokemon are in Fire Red including the starter Pokemon. Nah, not entirely true, since there's 250 when you advance in the game. In the beginning, there's 150 Pokemon, but when you upgrade your pokedex to a National pokedex (after you've beaten the elite four), you can catch up to 250 Pokemon (there are new ones on the new islands 4,5,6,7).

What to do after beating the elite four in ruby?

After defeating the elite 4, give yourself a pat on the back cause you did good, The elite 4 is quite tough. Especially when u have 2 go through steven at the end. anyways once you've defeated the elite 4 and become the champion thers not much left to do. Your quest is practically over. However you can go in search of other Pokemon you missed including the rare ones(EX: the 3 regi's, rayquaza, kyogre or groudon, latios or latias). you can try to level up all your Pokemon at the battle tower. you can jus explore whatever you missed. Just enjoy. No that is Emerald!

How do you battle in Pokemon FireRed?

You just run into a trainer or a wild Pokemon and the battle screen will show up, press A on FIGHT and press a again with the move you want to use with your Pokemon. You keep doing this until you cause the opponent's Pokemon to faint. THAT'S IT!

I beat the elite four in Pokemon leaf green but some level 100s won't listen?

Do you have all 8 badges? Did you cheat those Pokemon in your game cause if you did that's why they don't listen.

How do you have or catch raikou in firered?

no cause you are a stupid

How do you get all the Pokemon in ruby?

catch all u can on the routes provided even after u finish the game(because you get latios after you beat the elite 4) then trate with a Pokemon sapphire cause thee are Pokemon u can only catch there

How do you find Entei in Pokemon Firered?

In Pokemon leafgreen and Firered if you choose squirtle, raikou will be found, if you choose bulbasaur, you can find entei if charamander, you can find a should not use the master ball to any Pokemon cause the 3 legendary dogs will fled or you can use golbat by using mean look so they can not escape.Remember you should have a max repel and a level46-50 Pokemon (in the first team)"Good Luck"

Where to find a Delibird in Pokemon FireRed?

if you find a delibird, in fire red, then let me know man, cause that Pokemon is impossible to find due to the fact that its not in those games. you would have to have trade for it or something, and even then it would have to be in Pokemon emerald and Pokemon leaf green, and even then man.....

How do you do the cause and effect mission on elite penguin force?

i never had an elite penguin force

How do you complete the Sinnoh pokedex in Pokemon firered version?

you can't Since Diamond and Pearl (with the Sinnoh region) are the only DS Pokemon games, you can't fill the Fire Red Pokedex with Sinnoh Pokemon; however, it's possible to migrate FireRed Pokemon to the Diamond/Pearl game. I think you can't cause the three Pokemon you get first which would be- Charmander, squirtle, and Bulbasaur, you can't even get these at the safari zone. But, you can transfer them from pal park or something like that.