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What would cause a Sharp Linytron television to have no picture and no sound yet the fuse is OK?


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TV's have a built-in power supply (Switched Mode Power Supply - SMTP) to convert 110V AC to the required DC voltages plus the Extra High Voltage (EHT) for the Cathode Ray Tube (CRT). If the fuse is OK and both sound and video are not present, then the fault is almost 100% with the power supply. Some older TV's have a fusible resistor in the SMTP that "opens" whenever there is over current - check a thick resistor (usually a wirewound resistor)in the SMTP to see if it is open, Other faults that I haev discovered are the power transistors in the SMTP (usually there are 2/3 MOSFETS) - check id these are shorted or open using a multi-meter. RepairFAQ is a wonderful site that gives a lot of info on this - if you arehandy with a soldering iron and a multi-meter, this is the site for you: . If you are not hands-on, don't waste time trying to get it repaired through a repair shop - you will spend as much on the repair as you would on a brand new TV. And LCD TV's are falling in price - you can even buy a 20" LCD display for $170+ and an external tuner for $50 - or a fullfledged LCD TV for $300 .... Good luck


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