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On my Mercedes sprinter the cause of the fan belt vibration at low idle speed was the pully on the alternator.This pully should ratchet in one direction.

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Where can i find the best selection of sprinter vans for sale?

If you are looking for a brand new vehicle I would recommend going directly to Mercedes at IF you are maybe looking for something more affordable such as a second had van is a good place to look.

How wll you fix fault code P0703 brake circuit malfunction on Mercedes sprinter?

Replace the brake light switch would probably be a start. check the wiring and tcm

What would cause loss of power in a 1972 Mercedes 450?

dead battery

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If the front is now sitting lower, I would suspect a failed spring.If the front is now sitting lower, I would suspect a failed spring.

What would cause the electric windows in a 1991 Mercedes to suddenly stop working?

Check fuses

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That sort of depends on what exactly you're trying to just, whether it's camber, caster (which would be a bit more complicated), toe in/toe out, or the handling aspect.

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Where can I find a used sprinter van in Mass for sale ?

When you need a used sprinter van, l would recommend you try your local motoring forums first. Also the comparison sites like ebay and amazon. You will find the customer feedback is useful in helping you to decide which used sprinter van would be suitable.

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Where is the fuse for the blower on a sprinter?

Depends on the year. Would be in the dash fuse panel.

Why would my gas pedal quit working on a Mercedes Benz 200?

A common cause of the gas pedal not working on a Mercedes Benz is the throttle cable. There is a plastic piece in the middle that can break rather easily unfortunately.

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What would cause a 2000 Mercedes Benz ML55 AMG to completely shut down while driving?

I have a 2000 Mercedes ML320 that did the same thing.The problem was the crank positioning sensor once replaced it stopped shutting down

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What would cause a thumping sound up to 30mph in the rear of a 1992 190E Mercedes?

Could be universal joint is finished. A bad flex disk

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