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Because we use commodes for both urine and feces, seeing this waxy film can be confusing. If a person has a gallbladder problem, there will be more fats in the waste. Physicians often refer to gallbladder disease as the "3F" because GB disease affects "female, fat and 40" (that comment isn't meant as offensive, but "3F" is a simple way to remember facts.) GB affects more women than men; more often in age 40 or over; and in women who are overweight. The person may have upper right belly pain after eating fatty foods. The pain can go "straight through" the body to about bra level at the bottom of the right scapula. If this description fits someone in your home, have them talk to the doctor. A simple ultrasound can confirm GB disease. A medication can help add bile salts when taken with meals. Unless pain is very severe, surgeons usually won't do surgery until it's really bad.

For the toilet, most of it should flush away. If you still see a film, use some gritty cleaner, like Comet. Just don't use other products together or you can cause deadly fumes. Make sure the person who has GB disease understands they should flush immediately after using the toilet. They can even sprinkle Comet along the bowl at the water level so less of the fat clings to the bowl.

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sounds like someone forgot to flush. Old urine will cause a strong smell and sometimes a funny film on the water's surface.

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Q: What would cause a pungent odor and a waxy film on top of the water in the commode bowl?
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