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What would cause a thumping noise when increasing the pressure on the brakes but not pumping them?

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Take it to the garage and have them check for a cracked rotor or a loose caliper.

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What is abs brake pressure modulation?

The pumping and releasing of brakes by the unit is brake pressure modulation

In a vehicle equipped with Anti-Lock Brakes pumping the brakes will?

Be pointless. The point of anti-lock brakes it to effectively "pump" the brakes for you.

What will pumping brakes do?

Stop the car in a pulsating manner.

Should you pump the brakes if they give out?

Pumping brakes can help restore pressure to the brake calipers temporarily. But this method wont work if the vehicle is equipped with ABS, or anti-lock brakes. Usually, down shifting will help slow the vehicle down, but not stop completely.

If you pass through a body of standing water you can dry your brakes off by?

Gently pumping your brakes.

Brake pedal thumping on a 1998 explorer?

try spitting on the front rotors. This helped and my brakes are like new

What is the thumping in your wheels you hear while driving but stops when you press on brakes?

Loose wheel; brake problems; bad bearing; something else? Whatever it is it's serious. Check it right away.Answerthe thumping you hear are the potholes you drive over and drp into that's why you don't hear it when you press the brakes.

Why does my brake pedal bleed done it won't hold pressure?

Probably either from air in the lines or the master cylinder leaking and in need of repair before the brakes go out entirely. To tell the difference, if you pump up the brakes and hold pressure on the peddle and it stays up and then you let off of the peddle and it goes down, it is probably air, bleed the brakes. If after pumping up the brakes and holding pressure it slowly leaks down, you are either losing fluid somewhere or the master cylinder internal seals are bad, fix them before the brakes are gone when you need them.

You hear a thumping or cluncking noise every you tap on the brakes lighly or hit a pothole or shift gears?

Bad Ball Joint

Why don't you have brakes?

Because you possibly had a leak and kept pumping till most of the fluid ran out .

You had your tie rod ends change and now when you apply the brakes there is sometimes a thumping noise paired with shimmy Are the two related?

go for an alignement

Do air brakes use brake fluid?

No, they use air pressure or actually the lack of air pressure to stop the vehicle. The brakes are fully on until pressure builds up in the tank releasing the brakes. When you push the brake pedal this removes air from the system and applies the brakes.

Why would you feel something thumping in the steering of a 1997 Honda Civic when you are turning and the axels and tires are all new?

I would check brakes,shocks,and powersteering pump. I would check brakes,shocks,and powersteering pump.

How do you bleed the brakes on a 1995 Honda civic?

Start pumping it first then go about bleeding the break fluid

What happens if there is no brake pressure?


Is it necessary to pump up the brakes in cars to make them last longer?

Pumping gently will reduce friction, produce less heat and help the brakes last a little longer. This procedure is not recommended if you have a truck with air operated brakes.

What does it mean when the brake lamp indicator comes on after pumping the brakes on a 1984 Honda Accord?

Why are you pumping the brakes? That light means there is a problem with the brake system. Check the fluid level and if it is ok, take it to a professional. It can be many things that need to be done. Air in the system, low fluid level, etc.

When applying pressure to brakes lightly brakes lose compression Why?

faulty master brake system

If you start to skid you should apply a quick pumping motion to your brakes if you have anti-lock brakes?

False. If you have anti-lock brakes, just press firmly on your brake pedal and the computer will take over. Do not pump the brake pedal.

Why does your rotor not move after changing the brake pads?

if when changing brake pads there is air in the system, improperly installed pads, the air in the lines expand increasing pressure on the pad. bleeding the brakes solves this problem.

What could be the problem when you hit the brakes on 2000 Honda CRV and you hear a thumping noise in the rear?

Loose rear lug-nuts, bad wheel bearings, worn suspension bushings/struts, bent control arm, loose/damaged brakes.

Which is the best way to utilize anti-lock brakes?

Press brakes with firm, hard pressure.

How do you do the brakes?

place pressure on the pedal with your foot (preferably)

If the machine air system on a dump truck does not build up to the required pressure what effect does this have on the braking system?

The brakes will remain on, air pressure is required to release the brakes

How do bicycle brakes work with pneumatic systems?

Pneumatic means "air pressure". AFAIK there are no pneumatic Bicycle brakes.