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You could have a problem with the CV joints, brake rotors, bent rims and yes, even a slipped belt on NEW tires. If you have the ability to do so, jack up the front end, put the vehile on jack stands so that none of the drive wheels will turn, then watch the front wheels while someone else gets behind the wheel and runs it up to the speed where you have the vibration. You can also watch the tire/wheel at lower speed to see what is moving in ways that it shouldn't.

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Q: What would cause a vibration in the front end of a 95 olds acheiva it has new tires and they have been balanced have checked the ball joints and they are tight what else could cause a vibration?
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Why would your truck shake after 45mph after replacing universal joints?

Your vibration can be from a lot of sources. Tires, balanced? Checked them for a separation/out of round. Tie rod ends, stabilizer, ball joints? Even a torn motor mount can cause a vibration. A warped rotor can cause a vibration when the high spot passes through the caliper. You have a lot of things to check out. Good luck

Driveline vibration occurs around 50 mph What SHOULD be checked?

check drive shaft run out and drive shaft balance NEW ANSWER: You need to check the driveshaft U-JOINTS for wear. If you don't find your problem there, Then you may have to get the wheels balanced. Check U-Joints FIRST.

2002 GP has a vibration at 60 mph and above. Had tires balanced 3 times CV joints replaced and new front hubs and bearings installed.?

Try the changing the Tie Rod

At what speed does a drive shaft vibrate?

Drive shafts are balanced to prevent vibration, if yours is doing it you need to check your universal joints, and whether the shaft has been dented or if one of the weights used to balance it has fallen off.

What causes vibration in the front end of a 1998 dodge ram?

is your truck 4 wheel drive, if so have your universal joints checked, also have your front end parts checked(tie-rods etc.) if it is not have the balance checked on the front tires, in both cases, sometimes when you get in mud, mud will build up inside of rims and cause balance to be out. if all these are ruled out, have the tires checked for a broken belt

Dash Vibration on 1997 Nissan XE Pickup?

The universal joints are worn out.

Why do I have a vibration in the gears of my rebuilt 1967 C6?

This could be caused by bad u-joints.

Why is it necessary to phase hooke type universal joints fitted to prop shaft?

Correctly phasing the u joints will prevent driveling vibration Doing it incorrectly can cause a damaging vibration that can ruin, transmission, transfer case, differential etc.

What would cause your car to shake nonstop when going 40MPH or more?

AnswerYour front tires are not balanced. Take it to a garage and have the front tires balanced. It is also possible that your front tires are defective, look for side wall cracks and balges on tire tread.Answerif your ballance it fine have your rotors checked and make shore there is no grease on inside of wheel. if rear wheel drive check your u jointsyou could have loose tie rod ends or ball joints what you have is calle c shimmy have it checked asap you could have a serious accident

Is there anything inside a transmission on a 2000 buick lesabre that would cause vibration?

The transmission is usually pretty vibration free. Check the CV joints. Hopefully it is not the flywheel.

Why does my xk8 clonk from drive to reverse and vice versa?

Have you had your u-joints checked?

Explain how vibration may be reduced?

If you're taking about a system, you need to make the parts and joints of it work together more finely. In other words, you turn up the frequency of the vibration.

What is the cause of car shaking above 30 mph?

Wheels are not balanced or ball joints

Mazda 929 auto drive shaft vibration uni joints renewed and drive shaft balanced Still have drive line vibration?

Had similar problem. Took it back twice to same mechanic still vibrating. Took it to another mechanic and he found that the old uni joints were still in place. The first mechanic from salisbury adelaide, welded washers in where circlips were meant to be. All had washers welded. New mechanic replaced tailshaft with seconhandy and did job properly, It is better than new now.

Why does your Dodge truck have a bad vibration in the front end when you hit a bump?

Upper ball joints need replaced

Why your dodge charger makes sound when i sift reverse?

get the universal joints checked on your driveshaft.

Why your dodge charger makes sound when you gearshift reverse?

have the u-joints checked on the driveshaft.

What are two directions ball joints are checked for wear?

Up and down, side to side.

What would cause front end vibration is a 02 Mercury sable The vibration starts at about 45mph and is worse with a full tank of gas?

Check the entire front end assembly. Wear in the tie rod ends, ball joints, or other components can cause the vibration.

What would cause a Clunking noise and vibration noise when turning and going over bumps?

loose or bad u joints.

What would cause a vibration near the transfer case on a 95 jeep wrangler?

sounds like out of center u joints

How to tell if 04 silverado has bad u-joints?

You will feel a definite high speed vibration when driving. And you'll hear a very distinctive "clunk" when shifting from drive to reverse or visa-versa.

What are common signs of Rheumatoid arthritis?

Pain in the joints, when you walk or move your joints, if you feel pain in them, you need to get that checked out as soon as possible. If not, it will cause pains in the older age.

2003 Nissan ExTerra has vibration in the drive line. Are U-joints replacable?

U joints are replaceable. However, most u joints need to be pressed into the driveline yoke. So it is preferred to take vehicle to an auto shop if you do not know how to do this repair.

How do you identify the cause of a drive line vibration on a rear wheel drive?

Check your u joints on the drive shaft or the transmission mount..