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Hot water tank needs bleed of air,

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Q: What would cause all the hot water faucets to spout air?
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What would cause a drastic drop in water pressure in all faucets?

A leak in the supply pipe.

What would cause a tub faucet to lose water pressure when the other faucets work?

check for leaks

What would cause the cold water in all your faucets to have zero pressure but the hot water pressure is fine?

Lots of stuf can cause it including sediment or a blocked supply line

What would cause loss of both hot and cold water pressure in a bathroom sink only?

The simplest answer would be that the screen in the spout is clogged.

Was there ever been a tornado in Henderson lake?

If there ever was one on the lake it would be a water spout not a tornado. Tornadoes are on land not water. A water spout is on the water.

What would cause white chalky deposits to come out of all of your faucets and is it harmful?

Lime buildup in your water lines. No, it wont hurt you.

What would cause all household water to be discolored except for the cold hard-water line that goes into the kitchen and the outside faucets?

old galvanized piping

Why would water first rush out of faucets and then slow down?

Do all the faucets do this or just one. if its just one faucet its a problem with this fauset. If its all the faucets in the home its a problem with the main water line coming into your home.

What would cause all water pressure to stop?

Stopped at all faucets? Didn't pay the water bill. If in cold climate, the line from the outside to probably the water heater has probably frozen.

What can cause water pressure to slowly drop after the main water valve is shut off and no faucets drip or visable leaks?

With no air in the system anywhere, there would be nothing to hold pressure, so the slightest leak would cause the system to go to zero.

Why would you have no water coming out of one faucet in th bathroom when all the water to the rest of the house works just fine All valves are open and the pipes running to the faucets look good?

The aerator at the end of the spout is clogged. Unscrew the aerator and blow out the screen. Replace aerator and Voila!

What where gargoles made for?

they were made to get rid of drain water from churches as the water would spout out of their mouth.

Where do you find the TM water spout in Pokemon diamond?

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Why would your water for your faucets come out slow than fast?

why would my faucet water come out fast than slow

What would cause a kitchen faucet to whistle?

Try taking the aerator off the end of the spout and cleaning the screen. Usually it is because something is restricting the flow of the water.

What would cause low water pressure from taps down stairs yet is fine in bathroom?

Undo the aerator at the end of the spout and clean out the screen of the aerator. It is probably plugged up. Run the water without the aerator attached. If you have full pressure, the plugged aerator is the problem. If you do not have full pressure without the aerator on the spout, it could be plugged in the spout. Usually the aerator plugged. Cheers

What could cause broken up deposits to come out of hot water faucets Would they come from either the hot water heater or water softener of from the pipes themselves?

All of the above. Mineral deposits form on all piping and water appliances.

Why would just the upstairs faucets sputter when first turned on?

Air in the water lines to the upstairs. Not enough water pressure.

What would cause leak on the floor in the bathroom when the faucets in it are turned on?

Leak on drain line above floor level

Why would a kitchen Faucet run for a second when turned off?

To drain the water that is in the pipe or spout..

Why would a newly replaced kitchen faucet leak for a bit after turning water off?

Water in the spout. Perfectly normal.

What would you say if a fish suddenly landed on your windshield while you are driving miles away from water?

I would question if there was a water spout or who was playing the prank.

What would cause your shower to not get as hot as it used to and not stay as hot when other bathroom and kitchen faucets are fine?

The only thing that could cause this is outside air has leaked into the house and is cooling off the pipes. If the water heater is producing the temp that is set on the thermostat, then it will come out the same temp everywhere, unless you just think the faucets are getting hotter. If your water heater is electric, the elements could be getting bad or dirty from hard water,which will cause inefficient heating. But besides this,only cold air could cause the pipes to cool.

What would cause the pipes to make a sputtering like a sprinkler and banging noise which is very loud when toilets are flushed or any of the faucets are running?

Ask your plumber to install a water hammer arrester.

What causes water to continue to flow through the shower head when you have the diverter to only flow through the spout?

depending on your spout diverter if its a valve or is it on the spout it self, if the diverter is on the spout then your diverter is not letting full flow of water out of the spout and its putting enough pressure to allow the water out of the shower head, I had this problem before and if you change the spout it should fix the problem. If you have a 3 way valve which is on the wall then i would suggest replaceing the parts in that valve if possible other wise change out the divert valve. If your broke like me and want a cheap fix then put either a water flow resistor or a shutoff right before your shower head.