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if you dip it in water

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Q: What would cause an Action Replay MAX not to use cheat codes?
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What are the cheat codes for action replay?


Are there any cheat codes for Nintendogs?

there are no actual "cheat codes" for nintendogs, but you can get an action replay and cheat with that, there are several codes for it on that

What do you use the Action Replay?

An action replay is for cheat codes used for ds games

Are there any cheat codes for harvest moon ds?

if you have an action replay there are cheat codes for it

Are there cheat codes in Pokemon platnium?

Yes. You can use action replay to get cheat codes.

Super Mario 64 where to type in cheat codes?

If you're talking about Action Replay (AR) codes, you need a special cheat device called an Action Replay to use the codes.

Action replay codes that works for you cheat?


Where do you use the cheat codes for diamond?

Action Replay

Are there cheat codes for dqm?

only action replay

Where do you put cheat codes in platinum?

first you cant get cheat codes into the game second if youre talking about action replay, enter the game code into the action replay

How do you Use Action Replay On the DS?

The reason for the action replay is basically for you to have cheat codes for your ds but in order for them to work is for you to look up action replay codes and figure out how to enter them into your action replay card

What is the Master code cheat for action replay?

there is a master code cheat to use the cheats in the action replay with out it the codes wont work

Do you need action replay to put cheat codes in?

Yes. An Action Replay is the device that activates the cheats.

What are cheat codes for pearl?

I only know 1 answer to this get action replay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!After you get action replay theres only a million codes for you to try out!Check out the link below, its a trusted site for cheat codes. < Link given by JazzySakura! (Copy and paste it)Use these codes on your action replay. ;)

How do you use cheat codes without an action replay?

You dont

How do you use cheat codes for Pokemon Ranger?

With an action replay.

Where do you put in cheat codes into Pokemon emerald?

On an action replay

Do you need an action replay to enter cheat codes?

of caurs you do

How do you put Pokemon cheat codes in?

You need the action replay.

What does a Action Replay do?

An "Action Replay" gives you cheat codes for your "Ds" it only cost $20.00 at Wal-Mart.

Where do you enter cheat codes for animal crossing wild world?

You can enter cheat codes if you have the action replay for ds

Where are cheat codes in SoulSilver?

there are no cheat codes for Pokemon soul silver but if you buy an action replay you can hack your game.

Where to get a action replay cheat codes back on the action replay in Downey?

once you take off the codes u cant put dem back on

What are Pokemon action replay codes?

Cheat codes that are great to help you win the game

What is the difference between Action Replay and Action Replay Max?

Action Replay Max is for the dsi and Action Replay is for the ds and the ds lite. They both carry cheat codes. Action Replay will not work for the dsi.