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Check for leaks and give it a good tune up. If it has a check engine light on, go to auto zone and have the codes read free.

I have a 1990 Nissan 240 sx Fastback. I got terrible mileage as well.I assumed I should get at least in the twenty's. I was getting 14 mpg. In my search I noticed that two of the fuel injectors were leaking.I found out that there was a tech service bulletin about this.I thought the cure was new injectors.As I replaced the injectors I found that I couldn't get the rubber seals to stop leaking.As it turned out, the injectors were'nt leaking,the rubber "O" rings were.There are three per injector. Two at the top.One is pushed inside a metal tube called a fuel rail. This metal rail supplys the fuel for the injectors.I bought new "O" rings from NISSAN. I was told that after market "O" rings won't work well.The price wasn't significant (about $10.00). After a few try's I got them all sealed. It wasn't easy...took patience. It stopped leaking and my mileage is between 21 mpg and 25 mpg. .Didn't need the injectors...but I installed them anyway...Bob

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Q: What would cause excessive gas consumption in a Nissan 240SX?
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