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wrong oil... try some kendal nitro 60 weight or valvoline 50 weight plus one bottle of LUCAS stabilizer in place of one quart of oil and call me in the morning... also, change your fuel filters regularly... and everyone should have a manual for their vehicle, and a professional shop manual should be available at the library in the reference section for FREE...make copies of the right pages and fix your vehicle like a PRO! :) good luck Dave :) white smoke usally means water in the cylinders it could be a blowen head gasket Rooterman2 . agreed. white smoke is generally water, blue smoke is normally oil, and that black smoke usually means you have to much fuel entering the combustion chamber.

2007-10-23 01:40:37
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What could cause excessive white smoke from a diesel engine?


Would turbocharger failure make diesel engine smoke?

yes...the lack of air would causes excessive fuel which would cause black smoke.

What causes black puffs of smoke when accelerating diesel engine?

unburnt fuel

Is it possible that the caused of white smoke on 1 cylunder only of on diesel engine is due to excessive supply of diesel oil?

Highly unlikely. Water entering the system is the most likely cause.

What makes a duramax Diesel Smoke?

Black smoke, from any diesel, is the result of partially burned fuel. Overfueling will cause black smoke.

What is causing sierra diesel to smoke when idling?

a dirty air filter or a dirty fuel filter will cause a diesel to smoke

Can you use diesel oil in a gasoline engine?

No, it would not be good for the engine at all. It will smoke and foul all of the spark plugs as well as cause excessive wear on the engine.

What cause black smoke white smoke blue smoke in diesel engine?

In a diesel engine, blue smoke is an indication of oil being burned. Black smoke means that there is incomplete combustion of the fuel. White smoke can be seen when raw diesel fuel is not being burned.

What will cause a diesel engine to smoke?

when it get really humid or very cold

Will water in diesel fuel cause truck to blow white smoke?

It can.

What is cause of Bluish white smoke from exhaust of diesel clio?

Dont filled oil so that no smoke

Can you just put a bigger fuel system on it to make it smoke more?

with diesel at nearly $4.00 a gallon why would you want to. In most states you can be cited for excessive smoke.

What causes white puffing smoke from a diesel engine?

The cause of white puffing smoke in a diesel is the crack pipe ventilator seal. Fix that it keeps the crack inside.

What causes motorbike smoke?

The main cause of motorbike smoke is when the diesel is being burned and used in the engine. This smoke causes pollution to the environment.

What can cause white smoke from a diesel?

Moisture in the exhaust, or a cold running engine.

Can changing the type of a tobacco you smoke cause excessive coughing?

just stop smokeing

What can you put on your gas truck to cause it to blow smoke?

A for sale sign, then buy a diesel.

Why does your car smoke when idling?

Blue smoke = excessive motor oil. Black smoke = excessive fuel. White smoke = engine coolant

What is the cause of blue smoke from the exhaust of a diesel while driving?

Blue smoke is caused by engine oil being burnt by the engine.

What causes Excessive white smoke from a diesel engine?

Excessive white smoke could mean a bad egr cooler which means it is burning coolant or it could be unburned fuel. You need to check and see what it smells like. Egr coolers are only on newer vehicles.

What cause white smoke in a turbocharge diesel engine?

White smoke is a coolant leak Black is a rich condition Blue is burnt oil.

Why does a car a Blow smoke when accelerating uphill and b after driving downhill blow smoke when accelerating back uphill?

its getting ready to explode. jump out quick

What causes white smoke on accelerating?

White smoke normally means you are burning oil.

What is the cause of white smoke from the exhaust of a marine diesel engine?

White smoke means water, blue/black smoke means oil, black smoke can also mean the fuel mixture is too rich.

Is black smoke in diesel bad?

black smoke comes from excessive fuel. could be a sign of its not getting burnt Which could be bad. usually you get this after people start cranking up a diesel for more power, of corse your gonna need more fuel to go with all those extra pony's!