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im guessing maybe only pleasing yourself only once a week or less would cause it to coagulate.

cause as far as i know your body makes new semen every 48hrs or so and that's why we have wet dreams... to get rid of the old semen

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 17:54:50
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Q: What would cause semen to coagulate in the form of tiny rice shaped sacs?
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What would cause blotchy red eye?

Hot water... sometimes semen.

What would cause a dog to have milky white urine?

it could be sick, or if its a boy it might be semen

Can semen alone make a woman pregnant?

It is the sperms swimming within the semen that fertilise the egg, and a pregnancy may begin. Therefore, semen alone would not cause a pregnancy - one example of this is when a male has the snip, which is a vasectomy.The semen itself does not cause pregnancy. It is merely a transporter fluid that the sperm ride in. It is the sperm themselves that fertilize the woman.

Can you get HIV from your own semen?

No; HIV would have to be transmitted from the semen of someone else. -------- Don't be ridiculous, you would need to have HIV in the first place for your semen to be infected!!!

If sperm or semen is rinsed off the hands gingerly is it possible that some would have remained on the hands?

yes...from memory it seems to coagulate in water and becomes even stickier, so I would guess it's perfectly possible for it to remain if insufficient attention was paid to getting rid of it. Whether or not it would 'survive' in a viable state is another question altogether

What would happen to semen if there is no prostate gland?

In men, the prostate gland is responsible for adding spermatozoa to semen. If one had no prostate gland, they would not be able to have children, and their semen would be acidic in nature.

How much semen does a sperm whale have in its brain?

none, what would semen be doing in the brain.

If the anti-A antibody causes blood to coagulate which antigen would be present on the red blood cells?


If the anti-A antibody causes the blood to coagulate which antigen would be present in the blood cells?

"a" antigen

Can semen affect pregnancy test result?

If semen fertilizes a woman's egg, the result of the test would turn from negative to positive. Otherwise, the presence of semen would have no effect on a pregnancy test.

Can semen come out when a man urinate?

No. That would kill the semen. But, there has been the very occasional case that it has.

Seamen in urine?

what can basically cause that is; 1. if you had a wet dream and the system is trying to clean itself. that means there surely might be traces of semen in your first urine. that is NORMAL 2. another cleaning aspect when you are likely to find semen in urine is after having sex. so it appears that it will be normal for that semen to appear after you ejaculate. however, if the 'semen' is present at anytime you urinate, then i would advise you to see a doctor cz that might not be semen but some other discharge.

What is in semen that the baby receives?

Semen contains the X chromesome of the male partner and is inherited by the would be baby.

What is Fluid ejaculated from penis?

That would be semen, or seminal fluid. Semen may or may not contain spermatozoa.

Can you identify a person through semen if the semen has been exposed over a month?

Semen carries genetic material. Depending on the conditions of exposure, DNA information could potentially be isolated from a semen sample even after several years. The DNA would not be alive, but it would be intact.

Who would win in a fight a midget in a bikini or a mouse in a cat suit?

the midget in a bikini because he would strip off the bikini which would cause the mouses semen to be white which means the mouse has erectyle disfunction

Is semen cleaned out of you during your period?

One would think the flow of blood during this time would help to remove any leftover semen.

Doe's semen come out of a girl?

No, semen does not, from the fact that the female would hold the eggs, which is the only reason why she is a "girl".

Are antibiotics transfered through sperm?

Yes, but in very small amounts. When semen enters the female reproductive tract from the male, the fluid called semen is made from the fluids inside the male's body. So, if he has taken antibiotics, they would show up in the semen. The thing is that it would be such a small amount that it would be undetectable in the female's blood.

Would a gun misfire if it had semen in it?

Unless the semen had managed to get in between the primer and firing pin - and even then it wouldn't do anything - no.

Percentage of rennin needed to coagulate milk?

Any Percentage of Rennin, above none, will coagulate milk. More Rennin would increase the rate at which the milk is coagulated, obviously. Hydrophobic para-casein would join together, after bonds between hydrophobic and hydoophilic parts are broken. <As far as I can understand it,Berrik.> Any Percentage of Rennin, above none, will coagulate milk. More Rennin would increase the rate at which the milk is coagulated, obviously. Hydrophobic para-casein would join together, after bonds between hydrophobic and hydoophilic parts are broken. <As far as I can understand it,Berrik.>

Can eating semen cause pregnancy?

Most definitely not. The stomach has no connection to the uterus/ovaries etc. The way a woman becomes pregnant is by sperm cells somehow entering her vagina. The reproductive system is not connected to the digestive system. The body would just digest swallowed semen like it would any other food item.

What would cause sperm to be very thick and chunky all the time with a long rubbery string at the end of ejaculation?

This is part of the normal protein/mucus material that makes up most of the semen. Essentially, it's there to make the semen sticky. If it's too watery and leaks out, the sperm don't have a chance to reach the egg. There is no reason to expect semen to be perfectly blended and homogenized.

Why would sperm be clear with white strings in it?

Semen is the clear while sperm is the white. The semen protects the sperm as it enters the vagina

Sperm travel in blood?

No sperm prefers semen or vaginal fluid. Semen would not travel in blood. Blood has the wrong pH.