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== == This sounds like a nerve entrapment, where the nerves that supply feeling to the hand are being "pinched" at some point, probably in the lower arm. This needs to be seen by a medical doctor, to have the cause determined and treated.

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Q: What would cause the fingers of one hand to go numb and tingly starting in one finger and progressing to the next until all five have experienced this feeling by the time it reaches the fifth?
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What is the medical term meaning feeling with the hands or fingers?

Palpation is the medical term meaning feeling with the hands or fingers.

What is the function of the fingers and toes?

The fingers on the body are used for feeling and holding. The function of the toes on the body are for balance.

What causes no feeling in your right fingers?

A stroke or nerve damage would cause a lack of sensation in the fingers.

Why do your fingers tingle?

There are various reasons that your fingers might tingle. You should consult a doctor if the feeling persists for some time.

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He would be feeling the bow against the palm of his bow hand and the string sliding off of the fingers of his drawn hand.

Why can the loss of toes and fingers result from leprosy?

Occasionally, because of the loss of feeling, the fingers and toes become mutilated and fall off, causing the deformities that are typically associated with the disease.

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O-o snap

What are crippled fingers called?

If your fingers are starting to cripple up, you might be getting arthritis. You should see your doctor to see what can be done.

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What causes fingers to freeze and cramp?

If you mean the tingle and numb feeling you get sometimes, it is caused by the lack or slow of blood flow. To get rid of it hold your hand down at you side and allow the blood to return to your fingers.

My friend is suffering from tightness in his chest and cramps or pins and needles feeling in shoulder and fingers?

If a person is feeling tightness in her chest and having cramps she should go to the hospital. Your friend could be having a heart attack.

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When it is cold out i get these purplish colored veins all over my body i sometimes even loose the feeling in fingers and toes What is going on?

hyperthermia, dude

What glands are examined during a routine physical?

The lymph nodes on both sides of the neck and the thyroid gland are palpated (examined by feeling with the fingers).

What causes the shock like feeling when you touch your elbow?

Yes. Behind medial epicondyl of humerus, there is ulnar nerve. If you press it you get shock like feeling in your outer fingers. This happens because muscles supplied by this nerve are stimulated by your action.

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