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Q: What would cause your child to have blisters on the back of her tongue and around her tonsils and she is running low grade fever and nausea?
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What are the side effects associated with using kola nut?

May cause insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, gastrointestinal problems, tremors. Overdose: diarrhea, nausea, cramps, oral blisters and may result in osteoporosis.

What is the pathophysiology of nausea?

Nausea is nausea so, nausea.

How do you get nausea?

how do you get nausea???

What are the side effects of Gerson diet juice therapies?

In Gerson therapy, diarrhea/nausea are part of the healing process. Also flu-like symptoms, loss of appetite, weakness, dizziness, fever blisters, perspiration, intestinal cramping, and painful tumors.

If you are pregnant can others around you develop nausea or other symptoms?

Yes, its called a sympathetic pregnancy

You have diarhea and nausea What do you have?

diarhea and nausea

What exercise can cause side effects such as headache nausea sluggishness irritability and muscle cramps?

Breakdancing, running backwards, upside scissors kicks and salami tossing.

Can mono symptoms occur one at a time?

I have it for the last two weeks. The first one included nausea/puking, fatigue, aching, hot flashes, cold flashes, a severe headache one day, and a loss of appetite. The second week only included swelling of the tonsils and white growths on them, as well as occasional nausea. Although mine weren't exactly ONE at a time, my symptoms were certainly spaced out and randomly paired.

What is the Malayalam word for nausea?

Nausea = O'kaanam

A cool sentence with the word nausea?

i have nausea

Why do you have nausea?

There are many different causes of nausea. You may have nausea because you have eaten too much. You can also have nausea when you are coming down with a flu bug.

Can cannabis cause nausea?

yes it can cause nausea