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What would cause your engine to knock in your 1995 aurora?

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Lack of oil, Bad bearings, worn parts. try an oil change and add some lucas oil stabilizer (20%) of oils capacity and see if it goes away if it doesnt most likely your engine is just getting worn.

2007-10-19 02:54:36
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Would a bad torque converter cause the motor to knock?

No, it will not cause the engine to knock.

Would a knock sensor cause the engine to run rich?

No it will not.

Would a bad ignition coil cause the vehicle to buck or engine to knock?

As you did not say which vehicle this can only be a general answer Unlikely that a faulty coil would cause an engine to knock. Very possible it would cause bucking, if the coil is failing there would be a lack of spark. This would cause bucking/missfire, which may cause the engine to shake on it's mountings possibly causing a knock from contact with the vehicle frame.

What problem could the knock sensor cause on your car?

If the knock sensor failed the CEL (Check Engine Light) would be illuminated and the engine may "ping" or "spark knock" under load. Serious "spark knock" can damage the engine if allowed to continue.

Would the knock sensor stop the engine from starting?

No. It only senses engine vibration/knock.

What would cause my 1997 eagle talon engine to knock then shut down after about 30 sec?

you blew your engine dude... that sucks sorry

Will a bad knock sensor prevent an engine from shifting?

A bad knock sensor would illuminate the check engine light and allow the engine to ping (spark knock). The engine doesn't shift, the transmission shifts.

What would cause a knock on the bottom end of a 350 Chevy engine?

Sounds like a rod bearing. Time for a rebuild job.

What would cause Ford Taurus engine to knock?

Same as any engine. If your gear shift is moving as well it will possibly be your engine mounts. If its been happening when cornering check your drive shafts.

Can worn spark plugs cause engine knock?

Worn spark plugs would cause mis-firing or non firing cylinders, both are no good for the engine, replacing the plugs may stop the knock (Could also be a different problem) But you should replace spark plugs as soon as possible.

What would cause engine to knock continuously after a new oil change?

check the oil level it may not have had enough oil put back in it.

What would cause engine knock in 92 Toyota Tercel?

Generally when your flubbing your duggan, you should put some oil in that mawfuc*er.

What would cause a 300 CI 6cyl to Knock in a 1985 F150?

if the engine is knocking you could have bad support bushings for the mouter mounts or your engine could be warped do to excessive heat wear

Would a loose or cracked flywheel cause what sounds like engine knock in the lower part of the engine on a 99 dodge stratus?

yes absolutely, just happend to me on a rebuilt engine, with less than 2hrs runnjing time.

Would alternator cause engine to knock and smell like rotten eggs?

No. Sounds like the catalytic converter is going bad. Rotten egg smell is a sign

Will a bad knock sensor cause bad gas miledge?

YES, It sure can but I don't think you would notice it that much. It would help us to know the year,engine size and what you are working on.

What would cause a knocking noise from the top of the engine on a 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse and how do you fix it?

An engine knock ia almost always very serious. Stop drivng this car and take it to a professional. Not a repair for a novice.

What would incorrect ignition timing cause?

Poor performance, poor fuel mileage, spark knock (aka ping), hard starting, engine run on, to name a few.

What would cause your engine to knock after an oil change and a run right cleaning?

First thing that you should do is check and see what your oil level is. If you have over filled the the vehicle with oil this will cause the engine to knock, and cause further damage to your engine. Make sure that vehicle is on level ground and check the oil dip stick. The oil lubricating the dip stick should not be beyond the full mark. If it is remove the drain plug from the oil pan to bring the oil to the proper level.

How can you check the knock sensor on 2007 Chevy Cobalt?

If a knock sensor was bad, the check engine light would be illuminated and the code(s) set would indicate so.

Why is your 1990 Nissan 300zx knocking?

There are several different reasons that an engine will knock. Unfortunately, the most common cause for an engine knock, is when the connecting rods and the pistons have more play than they should, causing them to move around in the cylinders. I would recommend taking it to a mechanic and having them listen to it and get their opinion. Try not to drive it too much before getting it checked out, as this can cause your engine severe damage and possibly leave you stranded on the side of the road.

What would cause a knock in a 1993 eagle talon engine?

to much boost, to low of octane fuel, carbon buildup on pistons, ignition timing is to far advanced. take your pick

What would cause engine surges and engine knock on 2005 Toyota Corolla?

Could be many reasons. If there is an check engine light, have the code pulled with a ODB2 scanner from any local garage. Reference that code with what it means and you have a better idea where to look to solve the problem.

If your knock sensor goes out how would your car run?

You would probably hear a spark knock or pinging under acceleration or load. Check engine light may come on also.

Where is the knock sensor on a 1993 vin w S10 Blazer?

there may be two knock sensors on that 4.3L engine. One would be on the back of the passenger side cylinder head and the other would be on the drivers side, lower engine block area.