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Q: What would cause your fudge not to harden the way it should after its in the icebox all night its like taffy not what would cause that to happen?
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What would happen if you covered someone in chocolate and put them in a freezer?

If you happen to find a freezer big enough to hold a body the chocolate will probably harden, but this will also lower the body temperature and may cause hypothermia, which can result in death.

How can you harden clay?

Using heat but just the right amount or it will cause cracking.

Which adaptations cause the tulip to be dispersed by explosive action?

cover harden after riped

Why does chocolates melts?

it does cause it is formed from the melt in first place and put in a freezer to harden

Why is bullying a big problem at school?

Cause kids can't harden up these days.

Does Baby Oragel harden the babys gums and make teething more painful and difficult please include a link from a doctor?

The doctor sais, no it does not cause teething to be more difficult and it does not harden the gums, but if misused it can cause an allergy to bezacaine and other "caine" medications. And it can cause the baby to have a hard time breathing.

Why does diabetes cause impaired blood flow?

Prolonged exposure to high blood sugar causes the veins to harden.

What problems doesa volcanoe cause?

Volcanoes have dangerous gases which can kill people and its magma will turn into rock and harden

Why can't you scoop cookie dough after 24 hours with a scoop?

Cookie dough will harden after 24 hours for two reasons. First, refrigerating the dough will cause the butter or shortening to crystalize and harden. Second, the flour, starch, and other ingredients will absorb water and cause more thickening.

Can 27 mph wind cause a back car door to fly open?

Yes, it can. I've seen it occur. If it does happen because of this then there is a fault. It should not happen.

Can withdrawal from Lexapro cause an early period?

Anecdotal evidence shows that others have had this happen. You should talk to your doctor.

If scan of thyroid shows lower left lobe has a decreased iodine uptake what should happen next?

It can cause goitre.

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