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Q: What would exaggerated hands and feet mean in a painting?
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What is the story of the painting of peace?

To the best of my recolection the story went somthing like this: In the medieval times there was a king that wanted a painting in his room portrait representation of peace. He wanted to glance at it in bad times to become peacefully inside his soul so he declared a contest by decree to all paint artists in his kingdom to make a painting that resembled peace and the winner would have a good reward. All artists turned their work for the king to examine. The king saw a painting of a lake and children calmly wetting their feet in the lake. The next was that of a sea with no waves and a fisherman calmly sleeping in his boat. The next painting enraged the king. It was that of a storm. The king had thought someone was making fun at his authority and he was made to be brought forward before the king. It was an old man and the king asked him if he was making fun of him. He wanted paintings of peace and you bring a painting of a storm. The old man looked at the king in the eye and told him to look carefully in the painting. The king did so and he understood for there was a nest in the rocks of a cliff where the storm was passing through with a bird hugging the newly born. Indeed that was peace and the king declared this painting the winner by decree.

Does anyone know the works of Antonio Rotta famous Italian painter?

YES! I own a framed print by him (old woman peeling an egg with a rooster perched on the back of the chair she is seated upon and a young child at her feet). It was a gift from a relative and I can't find anything on the Internet about this painting. Very frustrating! I would appreciate any info you can pass along. Google gives a biography of Antonio Rotta and info on many of his other paintings that are all quite beautiful. Good Luck! CargyC

What is the history of Cock and swine tattoos?

The history behind the cock and the swine tattoo dates back to the days of clippers ships and when sailing the seas was very treacherous. When a sailor has the tattoos they would be primarily placed on the feet of his/her body. What this meant was that the man/woman would not drown if ship wrecked or was scuttled. Now what is behind the symbolism. When a ship would be shipwrecked or lost at sea most of the time all that would be left would be provisioned floating in the ocean. Almost certainly after a shipwreck the swines and cocks would be found floating among the wreckage. This is because they would be corralled in a wooden crate, and thus be found floating and meandering through the ocean. This also leads back to why sailors would get it tattooed on their feet.

How many gallons of paint will be needed to paint a room fourteen feet by eight feet?


Facts about hokusai?

he had good education in school. Feet

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What are the ratings and certificates for Teletubbies - 1997 Painting with Our Hands and Feet 1-5?

Teletubbies - 1997 Painting with Our Hands and Feet 1-5 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

How do you make my hands and feet white?

Take a paint brush, buy a can of white paint, and paint your hands and feet white-as-can-be! Happy painting!

What is MFPA?

MFPA mean Mouth and Foot Painting artist. Aka people that dont have hands and use mouths and feet

With dog or cat front paws would you consider them hands or feet?

i would consider them hands!

What is a pedicure and manicure?

A pedicure is a beauty treatment on the feet which usually consists of toenail shaping (filing), cuticle trimming, an exfoliation of the feet, massage and painting of the toenails. A manicure is basically the same, but on hands instead.

Where would you find half your bones?

Hands and feet

Why do fish have fins and tails instead of hands and feet?

Its how evolution made them, they grew fine without hands or feet and would have little use for them.

Which do you use more your hands or your feet?


Why would a 2 year olds hands and feet be the hottest of his body while having a fever?

when a 2 year old is developing his nurves and nurves system moves on to his hands and feet therefore reacts more strongly against the hands and feet.

What did the audience throw at the actore who performed badly?

Rotten fruit.

how long is Ray?

500 feet long lol might have exaggerated a lil :)

What would be the cost of labor for 464 square feet?

The answer will depend on what is required for the 464 sq feet: painting it, concreting it, tiling it, levelling it, etc.