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What would happen if someone with white hair put bleach in it?

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With hair bleach it will lighten ever lighter or even stay the same if that person has really white/ platinum hair. There is only 10 levels of lift and white or platinum is the 10th level.

2020-04-15 15:21:51
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Q: What would happen if someone with white hair put bleach in it?
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What would happen if you soaked a bone in bleach?

It will turn as white as a piece of computer paper

Would a penny turn white if you bleach it?

No, bleach will not change a coins colour.

What would happen if bleach got on your hand?

Depends, are you black? cause then u'd be white. your skin will peel off and damage your colour

What would happen is you mixed turpentine with bleach?

Same thing as mixing ammonia and bleach. You'll get chlorine gas, which was used in WWI for anti-trench warfare.

What would happen if someone didn't have white blood cells?

They would die of infection. White blood cells fight infection.

What would happen if you put bleach into a plant?

IF you pour bleach on a plant it will kill the routes of the plant.

What would happen if you poured bleach on a guitar?

If you poor bleach on a guitar you just would ruin it, who would ask a silly question like that anyway!??

What would happen if bleach and soap was mixed?

Your clothes would get cleaner.

What would happen if you mixed bleach and water?

Mixing bleach and water creates a diluted bleach solution. There is no chemical reaction between bleach (Sodium hypochlorite - NaClO) and water.

How do you dye white hair?

i would assume you would take lemons and bleach.

What would happen if you put a penny in bleach?

it would turn a dark color green

What would happen if you tested bleach with an indicator?

it would turn blue because bleech is a base.

What would happen to the pH soil if you dumped bleach into the ground?

Soil will be degraded.

What would happen if you mixed hair bleach and water in your hair?

It most likely will not work you will need developer to make the bleach activate and do what it needs todo which is lighten your hair. If you use water it will not activate or help lift the bleach.

Can you bleach food?

Nonabsorbent foods (say, uncut apples) can be disinfected with a dilute bleach wash (which is best then rinsed off). But to bleach a food white would require so much bleach and time that the foodstuff would become inedible and likely poisonous.

What if someone put bleach in your fuel tank?

the engine would corrode and get limescale.

What would happen if someone drunk a whole bottle of white spirit and disinfectant?

his/her liver and braln would not take it. Consciousness and almost direct death

If someone was doing smoking heroin and add a couple of drops of bleach in the urine how would it show up in a urine test?

Like someone added bleach. It's a dead giveaway.

Would swishing regular bleach in your mouth make your yellow teeth white?

NO!! Do NOT use regular bleach!! Use a whitening toothpaste, or baking soda. DO NOT put regular bleach in your mouth.

What would happen if you drink chlorine bleach?

You would get sick and may die but ONLY IF you drank it out of the bottle, not in a pool.

Why would a white blouse's tag say Do not bleach?

It might damage the fabric of the blouse.

What does bleach mean in Japanese?

The title of the Bleach manga is written ブリーチ, and pronounced Burichi. It means the same thing as Bleach would here, the chemical that makes stuff white. All they did was take Bleach and write it with kanji symbols.

Which is better Clorox or Lysol bleach?

for white clothes Clorox would be better, for your bathroom Lysol would be better

What to do if you breathe in bleach and ammonia mixed together?

when bleach and ammonia mix and theres a substantial amount what would happen to any animals like cats who are in close contact

What would happen if you combine the bleach and food colouring?

The most likely outcome is that the food coloring color would disappear as it was bleached.