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Hair dye is the process of adding color to hair. This can be done with natural dyes, such as Henna, or by manufactured chemical mixes.

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Hair Dye

Is it bad if you put Conditioner in your hair dye?

Undesired results will occur when mixing conditioner into your hair color formula. Hair color is to be mixed with the proper activator or developer only.

Hair Dye

How do you get hair dye off of fingernails?

Use antibacterial soap, and scrub off the hair dye. If you dye your hair again, I recommend putting Vaseline on your cuticles and wearing disposable plastic gloves.

Hair Dye

Where do you get special effects hair dye?

You can purchase any hair dye at a beauty supply shop like; Sally's

Sally's Beauty does not sell Special Effects. Hot Topic and Spencer's carry it, though. I have been looking for awhile, those are the only in-store places I have found that carry it.

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Hair Dye

Will being pregnant affect the color results when you dye your hair?

I'm not exactly sure but you should NEVER die your hair while pregnant the harsh chemicals could harm the baby!IT CAN!My best friend dyed her hair several times while pregnant with her second child. The only reason she kept doing it was because every time she dyed it, the color didn't change. But once she had the baby, her hair started to show every color she put in it at once. It looked very pretty actually, lol.

I agree with the post above me. I tried to dye my hair and it didn't change color. That is common during pregnancy as is the dye changing the texture of your hair, even if it's never happened before. Also, there is absolutely no evidence of dying your hair being harmful to a fetus. It's a personal choice whether or not to dye it, but remember there's no evidence to support it being dangerous.

Hair Dye and PregnancyYes, it should come out the same. Being pregnant should have no affect on dying your hair. But it isn't recommended to dye your hair while pregnant. It is unknown what the chemicals used can do.

Here is more input and advice:

  • It is possible that the dye may not come out exactly as you think it should. Your hair may act differently because of the pregnancy hormones.
  • There never have been any side effects linked to dying your hair. The dye is not soaking into your scalp, and is not going into your blood stream.
  • Some docs think that it is best to wait after the first trimester to color your hair, but every doc is different. If you are concerned, just get some foil highlights or lowlights, that way, the color never touches your scalp! ;)
  • you shouldn't be dying your hair when you are pregnant though because of the harsh chemicals in the dye

I don't see the difference in dyin your hair whilst pregnant or not it ain't like you are going to drink the dye is it!

Hair Dye

Is store brand hair dye as good as salon brand?

It's nowhere near as strong, but salon hair color can ruin your hair if you haven't been trained in its use. Home hair color won't damage your hair.

Hair Dye

What black hair dye lasts the longest?

perminent dye lasts the longest but when roots start to show you have to go over it on your routs

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Can you refrigerate hair dye after you mix it?


Hair Dye

Does Purple N'Rage Mix N Go hair dye work?

It does work but it really depends on what kind of hair you have and how well it reacts/absorbs the bleach and dye.

Hair Dye

How do you take off a hair dye off a bathtub?

Spray it with a chlorinated bleach such as Javex or Chlorox and wait a few minutes, but don't get the bleach on anything else such as clothing or bath mats as it will cause white blotches. Also, hydrogen peroxide will probably work, as well as scrubbing with Comet or another chlorinated abrasive cleaner.

Hair Dye

How do you remove hair dye from wooden doors?

It's in there for good, can replace the door, paint it, or buy another package of hair dye and do the whole door that color.

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What does 8304 mean on hair dye?

The numbers are probably that particular color line's code for which color it is and what tone and/or base it is.

Hair Dye

How do you apply wash in wash out hair dye?

There are some temporary colors known as weekly rinses, color mousses, color gels, spray on's or pomades.

Unlike other colors once you apply any of these to your hair you simply dry and style your hair.

There are some colors that you can put on your hair while it is dry.

When you shampoo your hair the color washes off.

Hair Dye

Does hair dye damage your hair?

Yes ,hair dye is made from chemicals and can damage your hair.

Hair Dye

Is hair dye allergy curable?

ask a doctor

Hair Dye

How do you get hair dye off your eye brow'?

well you mix shampoo baking soda and nail polish remover together and rub it on to your eyebrow it works

Hair Dye

Can you use a hair dye cream with a liquid developer?

Cream hair colors are generally mixed with a cream developer.

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Hair Dye

When do baby mice get hair?

Soon after they start to flake.

Hair Dye

How long does color fiend hair dye last in your hair?

About 3 months if you don't wash your hair until 2 days after dying it.

Hair Dye

I need 40ml of perxiode for my hair color that is 40ml?

1.3 oz. or 8 teaspoons

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Hair Dye

Is shampooing daily harmful for the hair?

My husbands mom is a hair stylist and she told me that it is bad to wash ur hair everyday..u need ur natural oil in ur hair in order to make it grow healthy...wash ur hair every 3 or 4 days..brush your hair often so the oils can go down to your ends...Answer

Typically, no. Years ago, etiquette and hygiene books recommended you wash your hair once a week or once every two weeks. But with the advancement of hair care products and the creation of gentler products, it is maintained that you wash your hair daily. Of course, this depends on the shampoo you use. Gentle shampoos may be used daily, while others are recommended for once or twice a week use. Make sure you read the bottle carefully or ask your stylist if you have bought a salon�s formula.

The same is true of conditioners. Deep conditioners and oils are not recommended for daily use, as it can cause severe damage to the hair and scalp. However, there are many conditioners designed for daily use. Again, read the bottle carefully or ask your stylist.


Daily routine shampoo do not harm to hairs, infect shampoo clears dust and other materials from our head and makes it clean. Shampoo can harm hairs if it is not selected according to the nature of hairs. We should be aware about the type of our hair and accordingly should choose the shampoo or conditioner. There are some shampoo and conditioners present in the market who support all most every kind of hairs. Nizoral shampoo and Viviscal conditioner are the best one among them. Nizoral shampoo cleans our hairs and also treat dad, dry, red and itchy scalp. Viviscal conditioner provides shining to our hairs and also helps in growing new hairs.


well, its not bad but your hair wont be able to produce the oil needed to help it grow healthy. i wash my hair evey other day and am still able to maintain the shine and cleanliness of it as if i were to wash it every day.

My Own Thoughts....

I believe that shampoos are actually harmful to the scalp, including the roots of your hair. It may clean it, but it damages where the eye can not see. Back years ago, Greeks and Romans used natural and organics to clean hair, and skin! No wonder they looked so much more healthier than today! Back then they probably didn't even know what was a "split end". If you can, try using organic shampoos, and soaps! They work, and improve your hair, as well as the scalp.

Use olive oil, preferably Cretan olive oil, as a deep conditioning hair treatment. It's great to use on damaged, coloured or over processed hair and can really improve your hairs condition. It's also great for the scalp and can be good at getting rid of dandruff.

To treat your hair to this deep conditioning simply massage olive oil on your scalp and through your hair. Use just plain olive oil or rosemary infused olive oil for dark hair or chamomile infused olive oil for fair hair.

Leave it on your hair for around half an hour after covering your hair with a shower cap, cling film or plastic bag. Shampoo and style as normal.

Hair Dye

Can hair dye cause hair loss?

Most of the time it does not, UNLESS you leave the dye into long and it will possibly fry your hair. If you do dye your hair more then one, make sure the hair is healthy and strong. If you dye your hair alot in a short time period then you can have hair loss. I really hope this helps.

Hair Dye

How do you keep from getting orange hair when you dye it?

It depends on how much you are trying to lighten it. If you are going for a very light color, you must use a high volume developer and a blue or violet toner/base color (blue is the opposite of orange, and violet the opposite of yellow, so it will cancel out the unwanted color). If your hair is very dark, you may have to lighten your hair first, then tone it. If you are going for a darker blonde or light brown, choose an ash color dye with a blue base. I don't suggest buying from the local drugstore, instead to go a beauty supply store such as Shenomens where they carry professional grade products. The box dyes will cause your hair to fall out and become severly damaged. The clerk should be able to help you choose the right combination of products. Be sure to pick up bottles, brushes, etc. as the professional products are all sold separately instead of in a kit. Also, be sure to pick up a protein filler/deep conditioning treatment to counter the dryness and damage processing your does. One packet right after you rinse out the dye will leave your hair soft and shiny for weeks. After coloring your hair, a good color depositing shampoo will help keep the brassiness down (get a shampoo for blonde hair, it will have violet tones in it to subtly maintain your color). I wish you luck, from someone who's had the same problem!

if you have naturally dark hair, and you are trying to color it blonde or a light color, you will most likely need to lighten it before you color it. The lightening will strip it of all its color, so that you can give it any new color you want.

Go to a professional.


You are lightening it , not coloring it when you lighten it. Brown or darker hair goes through stages when it is lightened. red, orange, yellow, light yellow. Many do not leave the lightener in long enough, they panic when they see it is orange and rinse, when if it is left longer , it will move to the lighter stage, however, this also damages hair, and should not be done on unhealthy hair..

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The "go to a professional" comment is exactly right, especially if you have really dark hair. Real professional hair dye is not like the stuff sold in stores; the technician mixes the color needed for your hair from base colors. The technician--assuming you go to an experienced colorist--will know what to put in the mix to have it come out the right color.

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How do you get hair dye stain off of white sink?

use the magic eraser (mr. clean)

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How do you get feathered hair?

Normally to have hair feathered, it is cut using the shape of the head as a guide. Part the hair and hold it straight out. Using the same angle of the shape of the hair, cut hair. There are many other factors and methods used in feathering hair but this method works for basic feathering.Trim and shaggy style.


to get a feathered hairstyle it's best to ask for lots of layers and for it to be cut with a razor instead of shears. Using a razor actually breaks up the ends of the hair giving it a more feathered look compared to just the blunt cut of a shear.

Hair Dye

Were can you find a pinky red hair dye?

Schwarzkopf sell such a dye. See related links for their website.


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