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This does happen to many people and they suffer a lot of pain. The bones then rub against each other every time the joint is moved.

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What has articular cartilage?

knee joint

What is the cartilage pad found in the knee joint?

Articular cartilage.

What type of cartilage forms the meniscus in a knee joint?


What job does the cartilage in the knee and elbow have?

Cartilage in the elbow joint and knee joint cushion the bones in the joints so the easily glide over each other. As you age, these become thinner and finally disappear. The joint then are very painful.

What type of cartilage has great tensile strength and is found in the knee joint and intervertebral discs?

White Fibro cartilage

What is the medical term meaning damaged cartilage in the knee?

That would be arthritis, more specifically osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease.

What type of joint is characterized by cartilage connecting the bony portions?

Knee cap

What bones are part of the knee joint?

patela a bone whitch made of hyline cartilage work as like a cap of knee and decrease friction beetween the knee joint with the help of synovial fluid

Cartilage that includes the hip knee and elbow?

This cartilage is called hyaline cartilage because it is like glass and very smooth. It allows for easy movement in the joint.

Can sandhi sudha oil for knee pain AND KNEE replacement can be avoided?

dr suggested for knee joint replacement and hip replacement i want to answer it question from realy can avoid operation or increased cartilage in joint

What boby tissue adds stability to the knee joint?

The structures that adds stability to the knee joint are:TendonsLigamentsCartilageBoneTendonsQuadriceps tendonPatellar tendonLigamentsCollateral ligamentsCruciate ligamentsCartilageHyaline cartilageFibrous cartilageMenisciBonePatellaThe fibrous capsule around the knee joint is also partly made up from several of the tendons that connect the muscles around the knee which further helps stabilize the knee joint.Tendons and ligaments are very similar in structure and are made from mostly collagen, a wee bit of elastin and some few other compounds.

Is there any cartilage in the knee?

Absolutely. The cartilage or "Meniscus" in the knee covers the three main bones it (the knee) is comprised of and is very important to it's healthy/painfree movement, stability of the joint and reduction of internal bone damage.

Is the cartilaginous joint movable?

A cartilaginous joint consists of bone connected by cartilage. A good example are ones connecting some of your ribs to the sternum. It is slightly moveable but doesn't have the range of movement like your knee joint. The knee joint is a synovial joint.

How is arthoscopy performed on knee?

Arthroscopy of the knee is performed through a sophisticated procedure where a small scope is inserted into the knee joint in order to repair the damaged cartilage and other ligaments. It is also performed as a diagnostic procedure to rule out the other knee problems in the knee joint.

Cartilage in the knee and elbow performs two very important jobs what are those jobs?

The cartilage helps cushion and reduce friction in the joint.

What do cartilage do in the body?

Cartilage is a precursor to bone in developing fetuses and any cartilage left over after birth (ie in ears and nose) is to provide structure and shape to something. Without ear cartilage, the ear might be floppy and not work to catch sound waves. Cartilage can also help to protect joints by providing a cartilage cushion between two bones in a joint. Your knee is a good example of this - cartilage inside the knee absorbs impact whenever your foot hits the ground and prevents wear and tear on the bones of the knee joint.

What is the function of the cartilage in the knee?

cartilage is what holds your knee together.

What causes joint knee pain on inside of knee?

Pain on the inner side (medial) of the knee is most commonly caused by 1) MCL Tear: tear in the medial collateral ligament when the knee is twisted 2) Medial Cartilage tear: tear in the cartilage/meniscus that lines the knee joint. Can be caused by an injury or develop gradually over time 3) Arthritis: Wear and tear of the cartilage and bone in the knee. Most common over the age of 50 See this site for more info

What is a smooth tissue which protects the bone from wearing away?

Cartilage is a soft tissue that insulates and protects bones from one another. The wearing of knee cartilage or chondromalacia is caused by the degeneration and loss of soft cartilage tissue. Healthy cartilage protects the knee joint from such wear, and future osteo-arthritic conditions.

The joint between the femur and the tibia?

That would be the knee joint.

What is the knee joint inferior to?

The knee joint (tibiofemoral joint) is inferior to anything that is superior to it, and that would be the whole body above the knees.

What is it that is causing my knee pain?

The most common cause of knee pain is osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease that causes the cartilage in your joints to break down. Tendonitis can also cause pain in the knee.

What is knee arthroscopic surgery?

procedure performed through small incisions in the skin to repair injuries to tissues such as ligaments, cartilage, or bone within the knee joint area.

Is your knee a joint?

Absolutely, the knee is a joint.

Does cartilage produce synovial fluid?

the non-cartilage parts of the inside of the knee joint are covered with a membrane called synovial membrane if I remember correctly and it is this membrane which produces the fluid