What would happen if there was no gravity ?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Harley Cassin

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If gravity suddenly went away, we would fall off and float in space <DEADDD!!!>


If there had never been such a thing as gravity, there would be no planets or stars to create life to fall off of them. They were formed and placed due to gravity.

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Kara Wolf

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2y ago
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Q: What would happen if there was no gravity ?
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What would happen if earth didn't have gravity?

If the earth had no gravity it follows that gravity would be absent from any mass. In the absence of gravity life would not exist.

What would happen to planets and their moons if there were no gravity?

If there was no gravity, the Sun and and the planets would never have formed.

What would happen to animals if there was no gravity?

the animals would be floating

What would happen if only gravity were on the earth?

we would be heavy

What would happen to earth if gravity fails?

It will never happen because the earth's gravity is caused by it's mass and it's density.

What do you think would happen to the atmosphere if there was no gravity?

All the objects will float if there will be no gravity. Gravity is the earth's pull on objects.

What would happen if the pressure exceeded gravity?

we would all die

What would happen if metals did not exist?

There would be less gravity on earth.

What would happen if you were on the moon?

If you were on the moon your weight would lower, as there is no gravity.

What would be happen if earth suddenly loss a gravity?

we can fly

What would happen to earth's orbit if the sun's gravity decreased?

It would get bigger

What would happen if you are in a black hole?

Gravity would crush you. With gravity so strong light cannot escape I am sure you wont.