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most of the people say it will get you drunk

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Is panadol dangerous for dogs?

yes i would think because panadol is only meant for humans

What would happen if you mixed fire with oxygen?

it would make the fire get bigger

What would happen is you mixed turpentine with bleach?

Same thing as mixing ammonia and bleach. You'll get chlorine gas, which was used in WWI for anti-trench warfare.

What would happen to salt it was mixed with water?

The salt would dissolve, which you can reverse by boiling the water.

What would happen if you mixed ink and water?

The ink would mix into the water and become diluted.

What would happen when a seed is mixed with vinegar?

it would grow at a faster rate then a normal seed

What if a mix canon and a German shepered had babies what would happen?

well what is the cannon mixed with?if it did it be a whatever the cannons mixied with sheperd.so thed have puppies! BUT WHAT IS IT MIXED WITH! SO BASICLY IT HAPPEN

Is panadol actifast ok to take while pregnant?

Since there are no known harmful affects in pregnancy it would appear that yes, Panadol Actifast is OK to take while pregnant.

What would happen if you mixed red yellow blue orange together?

if you mean what color it would turn it would be brown

What would happen to the iron filings if the magnets were slowly moved apart?

They would get mixed up and would become non-magnetic.

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