Red Bull (Beverage)

Red Bull, an energy drink sold by Red Bull GmbH in Austria (with location also originating in Thailand), is one of the most popular energy drinks in North America and was inspired by a tonic drink from Thailand called Krating Daeng. Questions about this energy drink can be asked and answered here.

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Red Bull (Beverage)

What year did red bull come out?

It was introduced in 1987 by the Austrian company Red Bull GmbH.

Calorie Count
Red Bull (Beverage)

How many calories in red bull 355ml?

Approximately 160 calories, since the regular sized can contains 110 calories.

Elements and Compounds
Red Bull (Beverage)

What is the chemical formula of red bull?

Red Bull doesn't have a chemical formula because it's made up of many different compounds.

Red Bull (Beverage)

What color is Red Bull?

Red Bull is blue, yellow and red. It's gray on the outside and in the inside it is yellow.

Red Bull (Beverage)

How big is a can of red bull?

Look at the can and see how many fluid ounces there is. Most say 160 fl oz.

Red Bull (Beverage)

When was red bull energy drink created?


Red Bull (Beverage)

Can you drink red bull while pregnant?

Generally, high consumption of caffeine is discouraged during pregnancy. A Red Bull has 80 mg of caffeine, about as much as a cup of coffee. A single can every few weeks probably won't do anything, but then again, why not give your baby something better to grow on? Consult your OB-GYN for more advice.

Red Bull (Beverage)

What are the difference between red bull and monster?

One has more calories and sugar than the other

Red Bull (Beverage)

How do you get a red bull mini cooper?

You have to work for red-bull and get the company car.

Red Bull (Beverage)

Does red bull have bull sperm and urine in it?

No, a quick check on the can will tell you it does not. Not only would this be illegal, it would never have become a popular drink if it did. If anyone is telling you it does, is just spreading a silly rumour.

Red Bull contains a lot of sugar (glugose, sucrose), taurnine, caffeine, water, Glucuronolactone, artificial flavours and artificial colouring. It contains a few other things, but check the label and you'll see them.

Red Bull (Beverage)

Is Red Bull made from bull semen?

This gets asked frequently, and the answer is and always has been: NO.

Red Bull and other energy drinks do not contain Bull Sperm. This idea came about since there is an ingredient called "Taurine" in it. This ingredient is NOT bull sperm but an aminoethanesulfonic acid, particularly in this case, an extremely high quality synthetic production of this acid.

Naturally occurring Taurine is necessary for normal skeletal muscle functioning, even assisting with those affected with congestive heart failure by increasing the force and effectiveness of heart-muscle contractions. It also acts as an antioxidant and inherently protects against toxicity of various substances (such as lead and cadmium). Additionally, supplementation with taurine has been shown to prevent oxidative stress induced by exercise.
Categorically: no.

Bull sperm is made up of different substances, including the amino acid Taurine.

Taurine occurs naturally in all sorts of places, including human bile, bull bile, testes and urine. It was first extracted from Ox bile.

Secondly, the Taurine that we find in food and drink products today is not extracted from any part of animals; who would want that job?! Instead, it is artificially made in laboratories.

You can drink energy/stimulation drinks without fear that you are ingesting bull sperm.

Red Bull (Beverage)

What is the legal age to drink red bull?

what is the limite age to drick red bull

Red Bull (Beverage)

Can you get the red bull x1 on playstation store for gt5?

No. It must be won or borrowed.

Herbal Medicine
Red Bull (Beverage)

How much calcium is in red raspberry tea?

None, or pretty close to it (less than 1% of your daily value)

Red Bull (Beverage)

Why can red bull wake you up?

Because about 1 third of the can is caffeine. Not healthy.

Red Bull (Beverage)

Does red bull contain benzodiazepines?

if it did, Their ad would say "red Bull: not so much wings, but heres a pillow!" if it did, Their ad would say "red Bull: not so much wings, but heres a pillow!"

Red Bull (Beverage)

How does Red Bull work?

Red Bull contains Taurine which actually calms you body down and makes your thoughts clear. The energy boost comes from caffeine, sugar, and other ingredients that speed up your metabolism, so you should not drink too much because caffeine can put a lot of stress on your body.

Red Bull (Beverage)

Is red bull drink a compound mixture or element?

Red bull is a mixture. The only drink that is not a mixture is water.

Red Bull (Beverage)

Is Red Bull kosher?

It depends who you rely upon to give you that information. Rabbi Eidlitz of LA, a competent Orthodox rabbi who deals with many kashrus issues lists is as kosher under the auspices of the kashrus organisation known as the KF. However, the Chicago Rabbinical Council lists it as not recommended, which does not mean it is clearly not kosher, but that they haven't verified that it is for sure kosher. Update: As of 7/31/09, the CRC has given Kashrus to the Red Bull Original Enegery Drink ONLY. Red Bull Shots, however, are still not certified kosher. Link below to CRC beverage list:

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Red Bull (Beverage)

Do bulls have wings?


Red Bull (Beverage)

Does Mr Ubom have an interest in Red Bull?


Red Bull (Beverage)

How much tar and nicotine is in red bull tobacco?


Red Bull (Beverage)

What happens if children drink red bull?

Red bull has more caffeine and sugar than most kids should drink. They may get anxious, have behavioral issues, lack of sleep, upset stomachs and other side effects.

Red Bull (Beverage)

How much do Red Bull skydivers make?

$100000 a year

Red Bull (Beverage)

Can one red bull drink harm you?

No. It is very unlikely that one red bull can harm you.


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