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It floats.

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Q: What would happen if you put a block of Styrofoam into water?
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What would happen if you broke the styrofoam up into lots of pieces then threw the pieces into water?

What would happen if you broke the Styrofoam up into lots of pieces, then threw the pieces into water?

What will happen if wooden block dropped vertically into a basin of water?

The weight of the block at the time of the drop would ensure that the block goes into the water pretty deep depending on the size and weight of the block. After going into the water in the first instance, it would then float.

300 ml equal how many pounds?

It depends (on the density what you are measuring). Block of Styrofoam would weigh less than a block of lead.

Will a styrofoam cup float or sink in water?

They would float.

What type of cup keeps water warm the longest-plastic paper styrofoam or glass and why?

Styrofoam because it has a thick layer and is a good insulator.Paper and plastic are could alternatives but Styrofoam would work better, therefore glass would be the worst one to use because it would only keep it warm for a couple of minutes.

If you put ice and lemonade in a Styrofoam cup what would happen after 20 minutes?

You get diluted lemonade.

Is styrofoam polar or nonpolar?

Thermoplastic is a term that refers to a substance turning into plastic when exposed to extreme temperatures. This would make Styrofoam thermoplastic.

What would happen if you sharpened a knife with a block of glass?

it would sharpen

Would glass iron wood or Styrofoam have the lowest thermal conductivity?


What physical property is demonstrated by a piece of styrofoam floating on water?

There are several. They would include displacement, buoyancy, and density.

What would happen if you froze a living person in a block of ice?

The question is the answer

Would a block with holes in it sink in water?

Depends on what the block is made of. A block of wood will float. A block of concrete will sink.