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Other animals will die

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Q: What would happen if you removed the howler monkey from its food web?
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What would happen if the howler monkey was removed from the food web in the rain forest?

If any animal was removed from the food web the animals that it would prey on would overpopulate and the animals that hunted it would starve because it has nothing to feed on.

What would happen if troop of howler monkey shared same territory?

other animals will die

Who Would Win A Kinkajou Or A Howler Monkey?

The Howler Monkey Wins Because It Is Bigger, Heavier, Stronger And Has More Power To Gain Than The Kinkajou. In The Trees, The Howler Monkey Might Aswell Just Throw The Kinkajou To The Floor.

What is the mantled howler monkey's relationship with humans?

I think having a howling monkey would be cool to have because you would be able to learn many different things on them.

Which is the noisiest animal in the rain forest that can be heard two miles?

The howlermonkey

What is a howler monkeys ecosystem?

The howler monkey's niche would be sitting in high tree tops eating young leaves. It Also howls in the morning to show that is it's territory.

Can you buy a mantled howler monkey?

The Mantled Howler Monkey is listed as an "endangered" species according to the US Fish and Wildlife Services, or the US FWS, Endangered Species List. While the International Union of Conservation for Nature, or the IUCN Red List, has the Mexican Howler Monkey, a subspecies of the Mantled Howler Monkey, listed as "critically endangered", with a population trend posted as "decreasing". You may can buy one, as you can buy anything on the "black market". But this is a protected species, and they can't be bought legally, as you would a kitten. Not only is it a protected species, but it is a wild animal, not a pet. If you owned a zoo, then you would have to apply for the permits, and license to purchase and then house a Mantled Howler Monkey. For more details, please see the sites listed below.

What is a Howler Monkeys population?

There are about 14 species of Howler Monkey listed on the International Union of Conservation for Nature, or the IUCN Red List, and about 17 species with an extra 2 to 3 subspecies to make the total around 20 Howler Monkey species. Some of these species are listed with an endangered status and others are listed as data deficient, while the few populations are relatively stable. The specific species of Howler Monkey would help determine the population. For more details, please see the sites listed below.

A animal in the rainforest that starts with H?

a howler monkey. That would be your answer

What is the noisiest animals?

A lions roar may be heard from over 5 miles away, although a hyena's "laugh" may be heard up to 8 miles away. A howler monkey is known to be the loudest animal on land, it's call reaching up to 9 miles away. If you are asking about specifically a roar, then the African lion would have the loudest. Hope this helps :)

Names of all the types of monkeys in the world?

There are over 264 species of monkeys, so it would take hours to list all of them. all the types that I know: baboons, chimpanzee, spider monkey, bush babies, possum monkeys, capuchin monkey, celebes macaque, colobus monkey, douroucouli, guenon, howler monkey, langur, mandrill, mangabey, marmoset, proboscis monkeys, rhesus monkey, squirrel monkey, tamarin, titi, uakari, chipmunk, and woolly monkey.

What would happen to a monkey if it were affected by chloroplast?

it would explode...