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Have you tried contacting the Stratosphere hotel? I sold mine for $5. I had 500 shares.

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What is the maximum number of shares of stock that a corporation can issue over the life of the charter called?

authorized shares are the maximum number of shares of stock that a corporation can issue.

What are shares of a particular business or corporation called?

Usually, stocks.

How do you give back shares in a corporation?

Selling the shares to someone else is one way to give the shares back to a corporation. Another way is to sell the shares back to the corporation.

What do you call a business that sells shares of stock to stockholders?

it is called a corporation.

A Business entity that raises money by selling shares to investors is called what?


What is the difference between a public corporation a private corporation?

A public corporation is a company whose shares are traded freely in stock market. It is also called as limited liability company. While private corporation is hold by limited number of shareholders and whose shares are not freely traded in share market.

Who has the most control over a corporation?

The people who own the most shares in the corporation

How does a corporation properly account for the repurchase of its own shares from a shareholder?

Those shares are shown as a contra-account in the Equity section of the Balance Sheet called Treasury Stock.

Do owners of a corporation have shared control?

Yes, stockholders of a corporation have as many votes as they have shares. The more shares they own, the more control of the company they have. Therefore the control is not distributed equally but based on shares.

How big is a corporation?

A corporation can be any size, what makes it a corporation is that it issues shares and is owned by its shareholders. In principle one person could create a corporation and buy all of its shares himself, making it a privately held corporation with only one shareholder (but this is rare).

What is true about a corporation?

It can sell shares of stock.

Do you own your incorporation?

One does not own an incorporation. Incorporation is the process by which a corporation is created. In fact, one does not really own a corporation either. One may own shares issued by a corporation, perhaps even all of the shares, but ownership of even all the shares of a corporation does not mean that you own the corporation. Ownership of shares of a corporation merely gives you certain rights. These include the right to vote in the election of directors and the right to receive any dividends. A corporation exists independently from the shareholders, and is often referred to as an artificial person.

Can two corporations own each other For example can Corporation A own 100 of the shares of Corporation B and can Corporation B own 80 of the shares of Corporation A?

Generally, yes; however, there may be restrictions on each corporation's power to vote the shares and courts may invalidate the arrangement. Section 3.02 of the American Bar Association Revised Model Business Corporation Act allows a corporation to buy shares in any other entity. However, section 7.21(b) of the Act prohibits the voting of shares held by a corporation that is itself a majority-owned subsidiary of the corporation issuing the shares. Moreover, this section does not affect the possible application of court decisions that may invalidate circular holding situations not literally within the prohibitions of the section.

What would you call the number of shares of stock a corporation has ever sold to stockholders?

Shares Issued!

One person forms corporation and holds all the shares are they considered the owner of the corporation?


Is a corporation organized according to state or federal statutes and in which ownership is divided into shares of stock?


What is one benefit for shareholders of investing in a corporation?

The benefit of investing in a corporation is stock ,because if you invest in stock shares then you can gain money when a stock goes up.The benefit of investing in a corporation is stock shares. Because if you invest in stock shares then you can gain money when a stock goes up.

How can you be a part owner of a corporation?

If company listed in stock exchange then anybody can purchase it's shares and become owner of corporation.

What is the term for the total number of shares that a corporation may issue under the terms of its charter?

unissued shares

Can you become a shareholder of a private corporation without purchasing shares?

if shares are inherited of given as a gift, yes

What is issued shares?

Shares initially sold to an investor and then subsequently repurchased by the issuing corporation. These share are no longer outstanding but remain issued until the corporation cancels them, if it ever does cancel them. Shares issued are not included in the market capitalization calculation.

Is there automatic transfer of shares in a change of directors?

No. A corporation might not even be a stock corporation and have a change of directors. Directors don't even have to be stockholders and thus there may be no shares to transfer.

Can individual own a corporation?

Most corporations are owned in whole or in part by individuals. When you buy shares of common stock, you become a partial owner of a corporation. There is no reason why one individual can't own 100% of the shares of a given corporation.

What is the difference between a public corporation a private corporation and a crown corporation?

"Public Corporation" can refer to a corporation that offers shares on the public market, or it can refer to a corporation that is owned by the government. Similarly, "Private Corporation" can refer to any corporation that is not government owned, or a corporation that does not list its shares on public share markets. A "crown corporation" is one that is owned by the government. This term is more widely used in UK, some Commonwealth countries and other monarchies.

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Ozone layer