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very little would have to be changed.i think the motor mounts are ok just have to change wiring harness.and other small things.

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โˆ™ 2006-06-26 02:22:02
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Q: What would have to be changed to replace a 1990 F150 302 engine with a 1992 351?
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Can you replace the 29 engine in a 1990 Ranger XLD 4x4 electric shift with a 40 engine?

== ==

1990 harley Davidson electra glide ultra classic?

I want to replace the voltage regulator. Where would I find a good inexpensive regulator for my 1990 Ultra with an Evo engine?

Is a 1990 Montero interferrance engine?

The 1990 Mitsubishi Montero 3.0 V6 is listed as a non-interference engine. Replace the belt every 60,000 miles.

How do you replace a thermostat for a ford 1990 f 150 XL lariat?

the engine is a v6

Can you replace a 1990 Mazda b2600i engine with a 1986 Mazda b2200 engine?

yes you can its a straight swap you don't even have to change engine mounts

How do you replace the transmission fluid in a 1990 Toyota Cressida with a 22r Engine?

Are you sure of the engine size? Should be 7mge inline six cyl. 22r wasn't offered in a 1990 cressida.

Do you need to remove the engine to replace the transmission in a 1990 Acura Integra?

No but to me it's just easier

What sensors fuel system components should be replaced to get back to the highest fuel economy on a 1990 Geo Metro XFI?

first up i would replace air filter and fuel filter then get engine tune up if nothing has been changed on vehicle, you should not have to change sensors

How do you replace the timing belt on a 1990 Buick Skylark?

Get a manual on your car from the parts store and make sure your engine has a belt. It depends on what engine you have.

Should the transmission be pulled to replace a rear main seal in engine of a 1990 Chevy truck with a 350 5.7?

You can pull the transmission or engine, witch ever you think would be the easyest for you. But you have to remove one of them to replace the rear main. It is a 1 piece seal and it drives over the back of the crankshaft.

When 1990 Honda is running cooling fan does not come on but comes on when shut off thermostat and temperature switch changed?

When 1990 Honda is running cooling fan does not come on but comes on when engine is off and I thermostat and temperature switch changed?"

How do you replace the transmission on a 1990 Ford Taurus?

This requires engine and trans holding fixtures and a lift. Take it to a garage.

Would a 1992 talon engine fit a 1990 eclipse?


How often should you replace timing belt on 1990 Volvo 740gle?

You MUST replace the cam belt every 50,000 miles on this Volvo. Warning: This is an interference engine.

How do you replace the thermostat on a 1990 Subaru Legacy wagon?

Its under the engine, on the drivers side. Two bollts, you cant miss it.

Is it reasonable to replace 1990 ram 4x4 automatic 318 engine with 5.7 hemi?

Is it possible, yes. Cheap or easy, no.

How do you replace a 1990 Chevy Beretta battery?

how to replace a 1990 Chevy Beretta battery

How often should the transmission fluid be changed in a dodge spirit 1990 automatic 3 0 v6 engine?

3 hours

How do you replace the tie rods of a Nissan 240sx 1990?

i would like to know as well

How do you replace a water pump on a 1990 BMW 325i?

How do you replace a waterpump on a 1990 BMW 325i

Your 1990 Mazda 626 dx died while you were driving it won't start has no spark you changed the cap but not the rotor what next?

Replace the ignition coil.

Engine block on 1990 Acura Legend warped should oil filter be changed?

Sounds like oil filter is the least of your problems

Why is my 1990 Honda accord missing ive changed the plugs and wires and still no luck?

Do a compression test to determine condition of engine internals

How do you replace the block heater cord on a 1990 Mercury Topaz?

If its just the cord, then follow the old cord to the back side of the engine ( really the side of the engine closest to the firewall ) and replace it. When the engine is cold, plug it in and you will hear the block heater heating up. If you don't hear anything, then replace the heater also. That requires a little more knowledge.

Would a 1997 Toyota supra engine and trans fit n a 1990 Mazda miata?

Unfortunately, a 1997 Toyota Supra engine and trans would not fit into a 1990 Mazda Miata. The Supra engine and transmission are unable to be mounted correctly within a Miata to make them fit.