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Your ignition relay might be bad if you have good power at the battery, but nothing happens at the starter when you turn the key, all the lights light up and everything appears normal, but the starter will not engage. You may also hear a click when turning the key to start, but nothing else.

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Q: What would indicate that the ignition relay is bad on an automobile?
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Would relay cause car not to start on 1993 940 Volvo?

yes and ignition relay would..

What is a ignition relay fuse and what are signs of a bad fuse?

it is a fuse that protects the ignition relay from too much current. a bad fuse would cause a no start, and if you pull the fuse, its center core will be burnt out if it is bad.

Would the relay on your grand prix 05 would cause it to shut down?

My ignition relay was damaged and it caused my starter to go out, which cause my car to shut down.

Would a bad ignition relay cause your 1990 ford f150 to die while driving and not start again no power to the radio idiot lights in the dash or power windows either?

it may not be you ignition relay, but your alternator.

What would cause no electrical power to the ignition switch of a 1990 ford f150?

Ignition relay is probably shot. It is in the power distribution block in the motor comprtment.

Why would a fuel pump stay on in a 1991 F150 before startup?

Hey Mike==Either someone wired it up wrong or the relay is hanging. I would bet someone has run a wire streight to the ignition. Check it out. The ecm is supposed to ground the relay for 2 seconds when the ignition swith is turned on. GoodluckJoe

Do 97 Mitsubishi eclipses have a killswitch and would that keep it from sparking?

No, check if you haven't blown an ignition relay or fuse

How would you know if a fuel relay is blown in a 1993 subaru impreza?

you cant does it click when you switch on ignition if not change it.

Why would the fuel pump on a 1987 Corvette not kick unless you jump the wires the relay?

prob have a bad ignition switch

1995 Dakota won't start battery good starter good will push start can arch the strater and will start and run replaced ignition switch still nothing?

might be starter relay, or the crank circuitry from the switch or to the starter from the relay. I would trace back from the starter to the starter relay back through the neutral safety switch to the ignition switch.

What would cause a bad main relay to trigger the check engine light on a 94 Accord EX?

The main relay will give an check engine light to indicate that the electrical system is bad.

What do you do if the HVAC blower motor won't go off when you turn off the ignition?

It sound like an electical problem. I would think it to be a defective switch, relay or wiring . Try pulling out the relay or fuse.

What does a fuel pump relay switch do?

A fuel pump relay provides power to turn on fuel pump. A relay allows small current to control high current- example- a starter relay-- If you didnt have a starter relay- the big thick starter wires would have to run to the ignition switch, and then back to the starter. with a relay- you only have little tiny wires running to the ignition switch... when you turn the ignition switch on, a little bit of current goes through the tiny wires to the relay- which powers a coil- which then makes the contacts inside the relay connect- which then allows the high current to run through the big wires to the starter. kinda simple- but can be confusing. carmine C-

What would cause the fuel pump on a 1994 Chevy 1500 pickup to continue running after the ignition switch is turned off?

failed relay

Would a 1998 Chrysler Sebring Coupe 2.5 engine Lxi have a relay for the ignition that will go bad and not let the engine have a spark Got gas and good battery Don't know if it could be coil or relay?

Car is running now. I replaced Distributor, which has ignition coil built into it. And that solved the problem. Thanks ankyways.

How can you tell if the main relay is bad on a 1989 Honda Accord?

I had a main relay go bad on my old accord some years back. If I remember correctly, nothing would happen when I turned the ignition key. After waiting a little while for the relay to cool, the car would start just fine. I found a replacement relay on the internet at a good price and everything went well.

What would cause the Radiator cooling fan in a 1998 Grand Caravan 3.3L to continually run even after the engine is shut off?

Some vehicles electrical system is designed for the fan to run-on after the ignition has been switched off. If the fan switches on when you switch the ignition on from cold, this would indicate a faulty thermostatic switch, these are often fitted to the radiator and it will have two wires attached. To eliminate this as a problem, switch the ignition on when the engine is cold, if the fan starts carefully disconnect one of the wires (beware of rotating fan!) - the fan should stop, if this happens you will need to replace the switch. I hope this helps I would have to say it is probably a stuck relay.

What would make the ignition and the horn electric windows and door locks stop working on a 1978 buick?

fuse bad, lost ground or relay

Why would my truck not start with aNew starter battery alternator?

check the wiring change the starter relay and clean ignition switch with electicial cleaner.

What wires are positive on an ignition module for a 1982 F150?

Chances are there is no polarity. An ignition coil is simply a wound of wires used to generate high voltage. But you may find a marking on it such as a "+" or a red wire wich would indicate the positive electrode.

Why is there no power to fuel pump fuse 1984 Chevy Celebrity changed the relay already?

I would expect that the power for the fuel pump would be supplied through the ignition switch so I would start there, that is check the ignition switch. Also check the associated wiring for cuts or possibly a loose plug connection.

Would your rover 75 cdt cut out if you had a faulty glow plug relay?

I note the relay (part No NCL100040) is called an "ignition and glow plug heater relay". The 75 will usually start if you turn the key before the glow plugs have heated, therefore the glow plugs are probably only needed for cold starts. Glow plugs are not needed when a diesel engine is hot. The "ignition" reference may mean that some other circuit is controlled by this relay (obviously there is no conventional ignition as it is a diesel). FYI The part is also used on the Range Rover TD6 post 2002 An internet search suggest the cam sensor can cause starting problems and fault codes similar to a faulty glow plug relay.

Is there a fuse that would cause a 1994 Pontiac Bonneville not to start or crank?

Yes, it is possible. If you have checked all fuses in the dash and they are ok, try looking for a fuse panel under the hood in the engine compartment. There's been known to be ignition fuses in those panels in the engine compartment (if it is equipped with the engine compartment fuse panel). Otherwise, check starter relay, ignition wires near starter relay, ground wires, or even the ignition cylinder (where the ignition key goes), it may not be getting a good connection and could be wore out.

Why would a 1987 Comanche with new ignition componets not want to start?

I had the same problem. Putting in a new starter relay and changing out the battery cables fixed the issue.

Which component of the ignition system would most likely be the culprit for battery drain?

Dead cell in the battery. A light is on drawing power from the battery. You may also have a relay that is stuck.

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