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What would it have been like to be a photographer during World War 2?

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2011-09-13 18:01:05

It was a very difficult task indeed. In the front lines you

would have a camera and be part of the action just as a regular

soldier would be. The only difference that instead of shooting your

gun you would "Shoot your camera". Its about this time that the

expression "shoot a picture" came about. Any serviceman in the

front lines would be subject to all conditions that regular

soldiers would face. Unless you carried a camera for the occasional

picture you would either be a reporter or journalist. Most likely

you would be developing your pictures on the field. For many the

camera would be a non essential part of their gear and would not be

taken. Many people taking pictures would be wounded. Those that

made it had terrific stories to relate too. We can thank all who

took pictures during the war. Without them the feel of the war for

future generations would only be written in text.

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