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Check your spark plugs or have your transmission checked. Could be a clutch problem if it's manual.

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Q: What would make a 1997 Hyundai Elantra shake and run rough when going in reverse?
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98 Hyundai Elantra that is running rough you are getting check engine codes that say there is a problem with the camshaft position and code that say their are random misfires Any ideas?

A bad camshaft position sensor will cause a engine to run very rough or not run at all. Replacing the camshaft sensor is very complicated.

What causes rough transmission shift on 2000 cadillac dts?

Check the motor mounts. If rough when going from Park to reverse or even when in drive it's possible broken mount is the reason. Had same issue and replaced mounts and no more problems

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What is the malfunction indicator light in Hyundai Elantra?

There are several kinds of malfunction lights on the dashboard of a Hyundai Elantra (and this is true on all Hyundai models). Some are comparatively minor, such as the one for "tire pressure is too low"-- and all it means is you should check the air in your tires at the nearest gas station. Or if the "check oil" light comes on, this means you are low on oil and any service station can put some oil in. Sometimes, especially when the car is new, a malfunction light called a "check engine light" may come on for no apparent reason. If the car is running fine, it could just means there's a problem with a sensor and the car's computer system needs to be re-set, which the dealer can take care of. But if the car suddenly is running rough, or it's barely running at all, the "check engine" light could indicate a more serious problem with the generator or the car's electrical system. You need to contact the dealer right away, and the service department can tell you what you should do. [Your Hyundai should have a manual that explains all the lights; if you don't have it, there are versions online.]

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What causes 93 camaro 3.4 run idles rough when its in drive or reverse?

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Will a failing fuel pump cause a 2008 Hyundai to have difficulty starting?

Fuel, Spark, & Compression(with air); These are what you need to have a nice start. So, a failing fuel pump may not deliver the right amout of fuel to give a clean start. So the answer is yes, a failing fuel pump is a potential cause of a rough start. A 2008 is pretty new, so you might expect the electrical system and spark plugs to still be OK (replace plugs at 60k miles for the Elantra). Your air filter could be really clogged. Your fuel could be contaminated. I'm sure there are other causes, but most of them would cause other symptoms after the car starts - like rough idle or misfiring.

Why would my car idle fine in park but when you put it in drive or reverse it runs rough. It also runs rough when driving. Only is fine while in park.?

on newer cars with fuel injection if fuel pump sterts getting weak it could cause that happened to me

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