What would make the outlets with a GFI have a buzzing noise?

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Some GFIs have an audible alarm and buzz when they trip.
I have found that a GFI that has been painted over or corroded stuck will cause a buzz when it is overloaded and trying to trip. The problem is when it is painted over and seized open it cannot trip and causes a buzz.
I would first start by having the GFI that is closest to the problem switch replaced then check the switch again.
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Why would your 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis make a loud buzzing noise after the engine is warmed up and it stops when you accelerate?

Answer . I have a 1994 Grand Marquis and the buzzing noise that I hear every once in awhile is the load levelers (rear shock system) filling with air. Maybe this is what you are hearing and it is a coinencedence that it stops when you accelerate. Answer . My 1994 Grand Marquis does something ( Full Answer )

Why would two GFICI breaker outlets that are tapped off of an outside GFI on its own line and breaker not work?

GFCI receptacles are extremely sensitive, there are any number of reasons this may not be working for you. The first thing you can do is to make sure that the wire feeding your 2 other outlets off of the outside GFCI are connected to the line side of the device. There are 2 sides to any GFCI: the "l ( Full Answer )

Why does your dryer outlet spark and make a buzzing noise?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz power supply service. . (LIFE SAFETY WARNING! [disclaimer] Electricity is dangerous! You can be injured or killed! Improper installations can cause fire, injury and death! Should you be doing this yourself?). The reason your dryer outl ( Full Answer )

Is it normal for a central air conditioner to be making a loud buzzing noise off-and-on from outside?

it depends on how loud it really is, because unless it's unusually loud then yes it's normal. All that is, is you compressor cycling on and off to your temperature setting. When the temperature goes above the setting it turns on so it doesn't get too hot. When the temp falls below the compressor wil ( Full Answer )

What can you do if your new coffee maker keeps on blowing your GFIs but it works fine on your unprotected outlets but you want it on the GFI?

A properly functioning GFI compares the electrical energy going out through the "Hot" line to the current coming back through the neutral line. If there is a difference, the remaining electrical energy is going "somewhere else", and that condition is called a "ground fault." If you assume that the G ( Full Answer )

What is wrong with an outdoor GFI outlet if it doesn't trip?

Answer If it doesn't trip, then the logic sensor is bad and thewhole thing needs to be replaced. A residential grade gfi is aboutfive bucks and is relatively easy to replace. Turn the power offfirst. This failure was common with older style GFCIs that could be surgedamaged and then fail to protect h ( Full Answer )

What makes the GFI receptacle trip?

\n. \n Answer tripping GFI \n. \nmoisture,overload,improper wiring ,problem with circuit,groung fault,white wire copper touching bare ground wire\n. \n Answer \n. \nThe technical answer is a difference in the amount of current on the hot and the amount of current on the neutral.

Why does my computer makes a loud buzz and clicking noise?

Answer . the most likely answer is that you are getting some sort of radio interference that affects you speaker. this sound is inofficially called the "durka durka noise". it is highly unlikely to be any sort of infection on your computer

What does it mean when car starter makes buzzing noise?

It's typically either a discharged battery or a poor battery connection. Batteries are only an electrical storage device. If the alternator isn't keeping the battery adequately charged you could have the problem you describe. But rather than running right out and replacing the battery, first charge ( Full Answer )

Can you wire a 15 Amp receptacle or socket outlet for a 15 Amp plug on a 30 Amp circuit And would this not work if you protected the receptical with a GFI plug?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries using similar 60Hz mains supplies . No, it would not be safe. DON'T DO THIS!. If anything went wrong with an appliance plugged into that 15 Amp socket outlet there would be a serious risk of starting a house fire or someone could get electrocuted.. The reaso ( Full Answer )

Why does ceiling fan or cordless phone make humming or buzzing noise when is powered by UPS?

A UPS contains a power inverter, which converts the DC current from the battery into an AC current, which is what you get from a wall plug.\n. \nMost likely the reason for the buzzing is that the energy delivered by the inverter is not /exactly/ the same waveform as a wall socket. It's current, whi ( Full Answer )

What is better gfi outlet or surge protector?

No relationship exists between a GFCI and a surge protector. GFCIprotects a human. Surge protector protects a transistor. Most transistorized appliances already contain some robust surgeprotection. A protector is often unnecessary except for rare eventsthat might occur maybe once every seven years. ( Full Answer )

Buzzing noise from light fixture?

A buzzing noise from a standard incandescent lighting fixture can be caused by a short in the lighting circuit (which is dangerous), or in some cases it can happen using a rheostat that is not all the way on or all the way off. The larger the physical size (not necessarily wattage) of the filament, ( Full Answer )

Why does a Dodge block heater trip a GFI outlet?

99% it is a defective blockheater, it works like an element it shorts out & trips the GFI, i would also check the extension cord & if possible try a different plug, if it still trips, its the blockheater.

How do you add an outlet to the load in a GFI outlet?

come in your line side of the gfci and out the load side and onto the next device,which will make it gfci protected.You can go as far as 3-6 depending on the inspecter having juridiction and the manufacture specs on the gfci device you bought.keep in mind that if it trips then all connected devices ( Full Answer )

Why is the furnace making a buzzing noise?

this has to do with physics, when it is cool in the air around de wood it makes the atoms get closer because of the cohesion force and that makes it sound..

What do you do when your Wii makes a funny buzzing noise and doesn't read the game disks?

If your wii is buzzing like crazy that means it just needs a break. Take at least thirty minutes of break time. Turn off your wii during the break. To turn it off hold the power button until the little dot turns red. If that doesn't work unplug your wii. DO NOT UNPLUG THE WII FIRST this could d ( Full Answer )

When you Talk on CSS your Plantronics Gamecom headset only makes a buzzing noise?

According to the instructions on the CSS for the game Counter Strike Force, it says that you should have a sound card with a headset. You don't say which headset you are using. If you are using a wireless one it may be picking up interference, which could cause buzzing. If you are using one that has ( Full Answer )

Why do you use a gfi outlet?

GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) For electricity to work, an incoming current on one wire must beexactly same as a current returning on another wire. If those twocurrents are different by even 0.005 amps, then current may havefound some other and dangerous path. Such as through a human body. ( Full Answer )

GFI electrical outlet will not reset How can you get this to work again?

First you need to determine if the GFCI outlet has any other outlets that it is protecting. Just check and see if there are any of your other outlets that are dead. Make sure that you unplug anything plugged into the GFCI or any outlets that it is protecting. If it still will not reset then it needs ( Full Answer )

Why do CFL's keep blowing in my lamp that is pluged into a GFI outlet?

Are you sure it is the bulb that its blowing and not the Gfi tripping? Try resetting the gfi. Also try swithing to an incandescent bulb and test your gfi. Also test the cfl in a non-gfi outlet. Cfls return power they don't use and may make the gfi trip. I am not an electrician, just personal experie ( Full Answer )

Why would this car be making this noise when it accelerates?

It only does it when you accelerate and sometimes when at a traffic light, the faster you accelerate the faster the clicking sound. It was doing it very lightly for about a month, then this week it got worse, but has not progressed any further throughout the week. The car runs fine, and does not sli ( Full Answer )

Why does my 8 week old dwarf hamster make a buzzing noise when i go near it?

Haha aww! He may just be nervous or he may be excited. Don't worry, I'm sure he isn't sick or whatever! Just be careful and don't bother him that much :) i would suggest u try to hold him..he might simply be nervous of you because he doesn't know if he can trust you. mine used to do a strange lit ( Full Answer )

Is it normal for a central air conditioner outside unit to make a continuous buzzing noise?

I don't know but my outside unit has been making a relatively loud continuous buzz when it is running. This has been the case for at least a couple months (that I have noticed) but the unit seems to otherwise be functioning fine (house still cools down well enough). My concern is that it could be an ( Full Answer )

How do you wire a gfi outlet?

A GFCI outlet is designed to protect the homeowner from electrocution near water. You must have a GFCI installed at any outlet that is within 6' of a water source. You connect the incoming power supply to the LINE side of the outlet and all the other regular outlets you wish to protect to the LOAD s ( Full Answer )

What would make a boiling noise on a car?

it might be your antifreeze but don't open the top until it cools down just wait 4 like an hour then open it make sure u have a water hose around you and if it skeet's on you rinse yourself down immediately then buy some more anti freeze and replace it then your don and by the way i make money by fi ( Full Answer )

Why does gould breaker box make buzzing noises?

Sounds like a defective breaker in the box, or a loose wire connection. Tighten connections at breakers, and neutral bus bar. Sometimes you can feel the breaker slightly vibrating, BUT ,be very careful!

What makes an Exit Sign make a buzzing noise?

The dc converter inside may be going bad. It charges the back up battery, when the battery is full it has to burn off the extra energy and goes bad over time.

Can you back wire an outlet on a gfi circuit?

Don't know what you mean by back wire, but most GFCI outlets have a circuit to attach additional outlets that will be protected by the GFCI. Keep total load in minds.

Can you replace a GFI outlet with a standard outlet?

The GFI outlet was there for a reason, such as a bathroom or other location around water where there is more risk of a shock being harmful or lethal. If it was a GFI, keep it a GFI. Also that outlet may be protecting other standard outlets being fed from the GFI. You can only after the house has ( Full Answer )

Do you need a gfi outlet on a patio?

That depends. If said patio was constructed prior to GFCI code requirements, then no. If constructed after code requirements, obviously yes. In any event, if you have the opportunity to enhance safety by adding GFCI outlets, even if not required, do it. You can get them for about 13 bucks at your ( Full Answer )

Where can one find a GFI outlet?

One can find a GFI outlet wherever in a household you can find an outlet. Sometimes, there is a GFI circuit breaker that can control multiple outlets.

Why would power steering make noise?

air in fluid, insufficient fluid, leaky rack, pluggedfilter/strainer (if present) excessive effort required (at steeringstop or wheel blocked), defective pump (internal seals), slippingbelt, defective belt, defective pulley, defective belt tensionerare the first few that come to mind, other steering ( Full Answer )