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There are a host of reasons but the symptoms are not very detailed. 1) One reason could be low ATF fluid. 2) Bad speed sensor 3) Problem with A/T

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Q: What would make the transaxle in a 1998 Honda Accord not catch gears from a slow speed to an accelerated speed?
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1989 Honda Accord seat belt does not catch. Neither front seat. They just will not catch and you can't make the parts stick together. Does Honda have lifetime warranty?

yes, you do have a lifetime warranty on your seatbelts. i had the exact same problem with my drivers side seatbelt latch, and i went in to my local Honda dealership and they ordered and installed the part for free.

What is the problem if your 1988 Honda Accord is stuck on third gear and does catch the clutch when you turn it on?

The clutch throwout bearing/mechanism is malfunctioning. This isn't a job for a shadetree mechanic. Best to have it done professionally.

How do you know if cv joints are bad on1990 5 speed Honda accord?

the most common symptom is a clicking noise when making sharp turns, you can take a quick look and see if there are signs of any of the boots leaking, if you catch it right away the joint can be saved

Where is the transmission filter located on a 1994 Honda Accord?

The Accords of this vintage have no transmission filter that can be replaced. Instead, a fine mesh screen is used, within the transmission housing, to catch debris or other particles that may find their way into the transmission fluid. This screen is only accesible when disassembling the transmission.

What causes a transmission to not catch first third and fifth but catch second and third in a 97 Honda prelude five speed?

Damaged/broken shift forks

How do you change a 2003 Honda rebel 250 oil filter?

there is no oil filter! just a magnet to catch fillings in pan. what is the capacity of oil

Where is the oil filter located on a 1995 Saturn SL2?

From underneath, it is on the backside of engine, just above the passenger side transaxle shaft on the engine block. There should be a drip rail to catch the oil as it runs out when you loosen the filter off but it still runs everywhere. Make sure you wipe excess oil from transaxle boot when finished, engine oil eats the rubber boot and will create premature failure of it. Good luck!

You have a 1991 Accord and the shoulder belt does not catch so it would not hold anyone back Any idea what you could check to see where the problem is?

Are you sure it doesn't catch when you hit the brakes hard? Many shoulder belts "free wheel" until the car starts to decelerate rapidly, then they grab and hold the occupant.

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