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Be sure that the dash light brightness control switch is not turned off.

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Do ur tail lights go out when ur dash board lights go out?

Yes, your tail lights will go out when your dash board lights go out.

Why would the gauge lights and radio lights go out when the automatic headlights come on in a 2000 Buick Regal LS?

the dash and radio lights are supposed to dim when the headlights come on. Make sure you have the brightness of the dash lights turned up as much as possible.

How do you get the dash panel lights to go on?

turn the lights on and make sure the dimmer is not turned all the way down

Why would all dash lights go out 2000 Cherokee?

Check your fuses

Where does the dimmer wire go on a after market radio?

It would go to the dimmer that controls the brightness of the dash lights.

Why do the dash board lights go out on a 2000 Chevy Cavalier Z24?

Just guessing without having it in front of me but, I would suspect the roller dimmer switch on the dash. I know that if it is unplugged, all dash lights go off. So check the plug-in for a short.

Why don't my dash lights or tail lights work on my 2002 Pontiac Grand Am Gt?

your fuse is blown. car manufacturerers make the dash lights go off when the tail light fuse blows so you know it is blown.

If the dash lights go out what is causing it on a 1997 Taurus?

You could have a blown fuse, these lights may also have a knob to dim them make sure this is on.

Your dash lights come on and stay on till you turn the head lights on then the dash lights go out If you drive the car down the road the dash lights come back on when you stop they go out 1987 Covette?

Check for a loose ground wire - sounds like lights are backfeeding searching for ground

What would cause your 2001 jeep grand Cherokee dash lights and head lights and wipers to go out then everything works again?


What would cause the dash and tail lights go out on a 93 Chevy fullsize blazer?

might be a fuse

Why would all the dash lights go out but everything Elsa work in a 1990 olds?

check the fuses

Is the dash light and the dome light on the same fuse?

No the dash lights should be with your parking lights.comment2: They are on separate circuits. Power usually goes from the "taillight fuse" to a small 5 amp dash light fuse and then to the dash dimmer wheel or knob. Then it feeds the dash lights. A blown tail light fuse makes the dash lights go out also. A blown dash fuse only affects the dash lights.

What causes the dash lights to go out?

Turn the switch back on. Make sure your dimmer dial (wheel) is not adjusted down to the point that the dash lighting is nonexistent.

Why would the dash lights start bright and gradually go out also radio is out 1996 grand Cherokee?

Should be separate circuits for the dash lights and the radio. Look for loose/corroded connections on both power and ground wires. I would also check the dash light dimmer control switch. Verify you have power and ground at the radio. When the dash lights go out, verify power at the dash light fuse. It is going to take some detective work to locate the source of the problem.

On my 2004 Pontiac Vibe why do my dash lights go off when my auto head lights come on?

Check the dimmer setting for the dash lights. There should be a dial to adjust the brightness on the dash to the left of the steering wheel.

Why does your dash lights go out when auto head lights go on?

In most cars there is an dash light adjustment of some sort. My guess is yours is turned down too far so the lights don't show.

Will a bad battery cause dash lights to go on and off?

No. A bad battery is not causing your dash lights to go on and off. A different part is bad. Without equipment I have no idea what it is.

Why would the brake lights and dash go out when the headlights are turned on a 1989 Honda Prelude?

It may be wired wrong.

Why would in-dash and tail lights go out?

I own a ford f150 and my tail lights are not working, but my brake work. What could wire or what could be causing that.

Why would your brake lights tail lights rear defogger and dash lights all go out at the same time and the fuse looks fine What else could it be?

take the car to an auto electrition

Your 1998 dodge Dakota sport dash light and dome lights go off and then you can hit the brake they will dimI can push on the dash at the left side and they brighten can you help?

I've had some cars in the past with similar issues... The dimming dash lights upon braking turned out to be a weak battery. As the brake lights went on, it took power away from the dash lights. On another car, my dash lights would sometimes flicker. I found that the dimmer control was loose. Sometimes fiddling with that switch will help.

Why would dashboard lights go out when bulbs and fuses are good?

The dash light dimmer switch is turned off or broken.

Dash lights go on and off?

i own an 03 concord limited. my dash lights except for the miles and transmission positioning go off. the come on and stay on longer the colder it is what is wrong with this car

Why would the interior dash lights go out when you turn on the headlights in a Ford Explorer Limited?

Every vehicle that I've experienced this problem in was due to the tail light fuse being burned out. This condition is because the tail lights and dash lights share a common fuse, which makes the dash lights act as an indicator as to whether or not your tail lights are working (although, this doesn't indicate whether the bulbs are good or not).

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