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Several things could happen, but the most likely is:

The company you gave the check to will come after you for the amount of the check plus additional fees.

Presumably you signed some kind of contract for this service, so if they do have to take you to court, they're likely to win. The contract probably has something allowing them to charge you for all fees incurred in collecting, so you'll also owe legal fees, probably of several thousand dollars, in addition to what you owe according to the terms of the contract itself.

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Are you able to skip a payment?

No. Not unless that is a special feature of your contract with your mortgagee. Otherwise, skipping a payment will result in a default.

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How does a cheaper insurance on my mortgage affect my escrow?

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How do you confirm last payment for car loan?

Have the financier send you a letter stating that you have fufilled your payment obligations and as a result you are absolved of any debt to said company.

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Failure to make your mortgage payment will result in your lender reporting the mortgage lates to the credit reporting bureaus. Your initial late payment may result in a 30 day late which can bring your FICO scores down. For More Information go to

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