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A Plasma TV has some crucial benefits over an LCD TV. For starters, a Plasma TV shows a better contrast than an LCD, and also has a better viewing angle(move towards the side of your TV, and note the color change). Plasma TVs also keep up with more action-style movies and games better than LCD TVs, which have been known to lag a bit.

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Q: What would some of the benefits of a plasma TV be?
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What are the benefits of a plasma LCD?

Plasma and LCD televisions are two different forms of HD television and have their benefits. Plasma televisions don't require backlighting while LCD televisions have better native resolutions.

Describe benefits to users of plasma display technology?

the benefits are u get better quality tv

What are the benefits of having a Plasma TV?

There are multiple benefits of having a plasma TV. Plasma TVs tend to have high resolution. They have a slender and light design, which makes it easier to place somewhere. They also have wide viewing angles, which rear projection and LCD TVs do not.

What benefits do LCD tvs have over plasma?

Great question and the answer to this is very simple. LCD tvs last a lot longer than plasma and the pixels on the screen don't experience burning. Plasma tvs at some point the screen burns out and is now no longer wonderful anymore.

Would a plasma tv freeze?


Where can I find more information on plasma screen tvs?

You can find a lot of information on through this link, It explains all about plasma tvs and what their benefits are.

What is the downside of plasma screen tvs?

It has been found that plasma tvs will run out of plasma after some amount of time. Also plasma tvs are very sensitive to light so you have to be careful what direction you have them facing.

How is plasma used in technology?

used in plasma TV and in some satellites. Plasma may be used for transportation, weapons and spacecrafts.

Do they sell TV stands made just for Plasma TVs?

Yes,there are sturdy and affordable TV stands made just for Plasma TV's. I would say that if the store sells a Plasma TV, that they would also sell the stand for it. Try Best Buy.

Which companies make cheap plasma televisions?

Cheap plasma televisions are aging out, and many companies are selling them for cheap. Some notable companies who sell plasma televisions for cheap are Panasonic and Sharp.

Why does your fifty inch plasma TV makes a humming noise?

Some plasma sets use fans to keep the TV from overheating.

Where can one buy Samsung Plasma televisions?

One can buy Samsung Plasma televisions at most places major electronics are sold. Some of these places would include Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, Kmart, or Target.

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