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Ferchrissake Miltechchris!! We can't see the rifle. Either hold it closer to the monitor or tell us what it is! $500

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โˆ™ 2005-05-09 15:40:24
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Q: What would the price be for this rifle It is pretty good shape with some light rust The stock and fore grip are in great shape?
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What rifle to use for moose hunting?

The Remington 700 CDL is pretty good for its price.

What is the price range for a browning patient 300 magnum rifle?

What is the price range for a browning patient 300 magnum rifle?

Is the Marlin 982VS a good 22 mag rifle?

Yes, its a great value for the price. I have one and have put about 2000 rounds through it without a single issue. I can shoot 2" groups at 150 yards, and I'm not really a great shot. Plus, the gun looks pretty mean with that thick stainless barrel. :)

What is the Original price of Tom Osborne Winchester rifle?

The original price for a Tom Osborne Commemorative Winchester Rifle was $2,000. In 2014, the same rifle may be worth anywhere from $900 to $4,500.

What is the price of a use 243 rifle?

That depends on the exact make, model, and condition of the rifle.

Can you tell me about a sako AII 243 rifle?

Great rifle.

What is the average price of a 243 rifle?


What is the price of an M 16 rifle?


What is the name of light rifles?

The US Army's M16 was considered a "light rifle" for jungle warfare in 1963. While troops used the M14 service rifle thru-out the world, only Vietnam used the "light rifle."

What is the average price for a rifle?

About $400, to, say, $900.

What is the price of 223 brake open rifle?


What is the average price for a 223 rifle?

500 USD

What is the price of an M-16A4 rifle?


What is retail price of a savage model 9317 rifle?


What is the price of a ww1 German sniper rifle?

price on such a weapon would depend on originality of parts to that era, and overall condition of rifle and scope. i would guess at $1500 +/-

Why was the Mouser a good rifle in ww1?

The Mouser was a a great rifle, in its time one of the best. This revolutionary rifle offered a marksman great accuracy, fast reload, great distance, and altogether comfterable and easy to operate.

Where can you find a price list of rifle ammo?

Most sporting good catalogs have price lists.

Is the Winchester model 77 a good rifle?

Pretty good

Is there such thing as a 80 sniper rifle?

The Enfield SA-80 is a assault rifle carbine from Great Britain. It is not a sniper rifle.

Why is the back of the bolt plastic on the x bolt rifle?


What is the price of Used 30.30 rifle?

its about $365.00 if im not mistaken

What is the price for a Tasco 4x20 rifle scope?

it costs $20

Price of mossberg 22 rifle model151k?


What is the price of an M1A rifle?

100-5000 USD or so

What is the best price for a used marlin rifle?

Depends on what model. Price can range from 50-500 USD