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What would the world be like without green light in the spectrum?


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2009-01-16 23:03:53
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Nothing would ever be green. The color would not exist.


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The primary colours of light make up every colour in the world. The primary colours are red, green and blue. If you mix these colours together you will make white, which contains the spectrum of light.

By mixing primary color (red, blue, and yellow) you can achieve any color gradation you want Well the computer runs off the red, blue, and green scheme. However, I believe the question was referring to making an entirely NEW color. And sadly that answer is no. The true basic color is WHITE from light. Black is the absence of light and, in the world of science, not considered a color at all. White light may be broken down into a spectrum you may remember from school. ROYGBIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). When you look at an object, your eyes see the reflection of color that object cannot adsorb. For instance, when white light hits grass outside you see green because it absorbs all the colors but green, reflecting the green to your eyes, so the grass is technically every color butt green! Outside our vision lies the world's of Infrared and Ultraviolet ( the extremes of our spectrum). These types of light we cannot see, but are very damaging to our eyes. In a nutshell you must have light to have color and we are not equipped to see colors outside our white light spectrum. Sad....

mammals cant survive without green plants , because that is their food and they live off of the plants. Green plant can live without mammals, because they can make their own food with photosynthesis.

If the world was without the would be dark....ALOT!!!!!!!!

someone who knows how to mix being GREEN with earning a profit. WE cannot have a Green world without having capitalism. WE cannot have capitalism without thinking green. We must be a mixture of both!

because if there was no light everything would be dark and you would not be able to see without light! it's me nakuyama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The world has color, because light is made up of: green, blue, and red light. Certain amounts of of all thode colors are reflected and you see what the object reflects.

green with lots of humidity and egypt wouldnt be so uniqe

Because it is an absorption spectrum. An absorption spectrum begins with a source of pure white light. This hits a prism which spreads it out into a spectrum and the result shows on a screen as a bright band of colours. If you put this into a glass case and seal it to the outside world, nothing changes. Now if blow a gas into the tank, the atoms in the gas absorb different wavelengths (colours) of light. The result you see is a normal spectrum of colours, but with one or more dark lines across it. This is because the atoms in the gas through which the white light is shining are absorbing some or all of various colours in the spectrum. What those colours are is absolutely characteristic and definitive of that particular gas. This is a very powerful technique for identifying elements which are present only in trace amounts. An interesting light on this is that the element Helium was first discovered not on earth, but on the sun by some dark lines in the sun's spectrum which did not belong to any known element.

An object appears black because it absorbs all the colors of the visible spectrum. If we idealize the object to make it perfectly absorptive, it absorbs all of the white light that strikes it and reflects none. In the real world, some light is always reflected. If the object appears black or dark gray, then it reflects small amounts of all colors of the spectrum.

There is essentially an infinite about of colours which can exist on the visible light spectrum. Every possible variation and shade could be considered a different colour.

it impacted the world cause without matches we wouldn't be able to have lighters to light stuff:)

I know 3: Yellow, green, and light blue.

It's Latin for: Light of light; world without end

Without the heat of the sun the world would become too cold to live in; even the air would freeze and become a form of snow, leaving us nothing to breathe. Without the light of the sun no green plants could grow, and we would starve, if we had not already died from the cold. Hard to say which would kill us first.

the light shines all over the world when you will see him coming in the clouds of heaven any time now. As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end. Golden light without end.

were do green beans grow in the world

Could you imagan a world without light bulbs? We wouldn't be able to see during the night. We'd be using candles.

you go to the volcano then click on the telescope and then in the left hand bottom corner you see a green light then click on it then you are there!

Everything would become light and everything would start to float

the most scariest thing in the world is bloody Mary n the graveyard and the green light coming up from a grave.

without light bulbs the modern world would be plunged into darkness. Light bulbs can not only produce light, but also heat, preventing the death of some pets, such as geckos, snakes, and lizards.

with what you mean the world is not perfect without you .if you was not in the world how is your family will be without you .

green,green,green,.....the world is clean

There are three umpires , two on the field and one to decide disputed decissions in the stands with the red or green light.

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