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Q: What would win Starcraft or World of Warcraft?
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Who would win Starcraft or warhammer 40k?

Hmm, Well Warhammer 40k is much more Violent, and has many more races and numbers, For example, the Space marines from W40k would slaughter the Terran Marines from Starcraft. but Starcraft has sold WAY more copies.

What is the song on south park World of Warcraft?

Live to win- Paul Stanley

How do you win against a rogue in World of Warcraft?

Stun them, turn around so you can hit them, and RECKKK!!

Is starcraft a sport?

OMFG! Starcraft+sport=you have to be joking... No really this is a stupid question. Go in youtube and type starcraft and see whats is talking about. This game have been played from most of the people and there is a tour that if you beat every one i win 1,000,000.(Well im not sure but i hear some rumors)

What happens when you win red dead redemption undead?

you get up. find out that your a loser. get a job and if your luckey a gf. but if u play world of warcraft then its probs a bf.

Who would win in a fight LeBron James Or Metta World Peace?

Metta World Peace Will Win

Who would win Everyone from kindgomhearts with final fantasy characters in it or Everyone in World of Warcraft?

Let's see, well if we go outside and think omg this is real life.. no-one because it's not real now go do something productive.

What is the name of the song they play on make love not warcraft?

'Live to win' by Paul Stanley.

How do you catch legendaries in warcraft 3 Pokemon defense?


What will you do to the world if you win a miss teen?

if i win i would help after every natural disaster and end world hunger

Who would win China or Vietcong?

There is no way the Vietcong would win against China. China has the biggest army in the world. Give China the win.

Would Algeria win the world cup?

It is unlikely.

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