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There could be various ways to classify this position. What is certain is that this is not a Christian position. To think that anything taught by the devil is true, then, according to Christian belief, a person has been deceived by the 'father of lies.' Practicing the Christian religion is more than just following ceremonies and outward religious acts, but is primarily a matter of a change of heart. Since the devil is held in evident esteem, then it is possible he has caused deception about what the real essence of Christian faith is also. Many people go to churches who are Christian in name only. Worship of the one true God, excludes, by definition all others.

I think rules 4, 7, and 11 are a bit harsh. The others are actually quite good guidelines for living a moral life.


As far as The Bible goes, you are pretty much forbidden from following other religions even if it is only 11 laws. I was in this same position a few years ago, so I sought out help from a priest who pretty much said you cant be a christian and live by the rules set out by another religion. And it says as much in the bible also. So to stay true to your christian values your better off disregarding the Satanic statements, or consider a change in religion.

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Q: What would you be classified as if you practice the christian religion but also think that the 11 laws of satanism are valid also you believe in God and Satan but worship only God?
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