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If you highlight an empty space on your desktop, you cannot right click it.

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Q: What would you be unable to right click on most things?
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How do you set things down in minecraft with a MacBook Pro?

Just right-click to place things (like you usually would).

How do you paste things on computer?

first you must copy or cut the image/writing by right clicking on the mouse and then clicking copy or cut. Then, to paste, right click wherever you would like to paste and then click on paste in the options that apear.

What are the 5 operations you can do with your mouse?

I would suggest Left Click Double Click Right Click Drag Right Click Drag But you also have Middle Click Scroll Up Scroll Down

How do you right click on a mac?

Ont he Macbook proyou would hit the control button and then click and that enables right clicking

What are the four basic mouse function?

i would imagine it would be: left click, right click, scroll, and highlight

How do you copy a selected file from one folder to another?

In windows you would right-click on the selected file or folder and click copy and then go to the folder you want to place it in and right-click in the folder and click paste!

Suppose after the stroke a woman is unable to move her right arm and right leg which part of the brain did the stroke occur?

That would be the left

How do you move photos from Photoshop to Facebook?

I would assume that you would have to right click on the picture from photoshop and click save as and save it onto your computer and then uploade them onto facebook.

How would you know how many files there are in a folder?

Right -click the folder and click properties and beside "Contains" it will show how many files there are.

How do you you make your poptropica person change clothing?

Well first you would have to click on the shirt then click on the person that has the clothing you want then it will load up, then you click on their clothing. Also, some things can't be copied. Other things you can buy at the store.

How would i navigate a user to the display settings on a PC?

I have Vista, but it should work with Xp & so on. Right click on desktop. Click on Personalise (Propertys in Xp & so on). Click on display settings (far right tab in Xp & so on.). You are there! Remember to click apply when done.

Unable to be conquered latinate equivalent?

"I am unable to be conquered" would be "Vinci non possum." "It is unable to be conquered" would be "Vinci non potest." "They are unable to be conquered" would be "Vinci non possunt." There is no way to say "Unable" without a pronoun in Latin following your construction.

How do you change the alignment for the selected column in excel to the right?

Select cells with text> Alignement tab> Right Column shift in middle of alignement ribbon (or row). You click what appears as what you would click to shift a paragraph from left to right.

How can you wear your armor set?

When you get your Armour set, you "right click" the G.E peoples and go to the options "SET". There would be options of the amours so choose the Armour you have and right click it and press "exchange"

Why would a computer be unable to download internet explorer?

It would be unable to do so if it was not connected to the internet

What would you click if you wanted to insert a column into an existing table?

I would select a column with a left-click in the header (letter) of the column immediately to the right of where I wanted to insert a column. Then I would right-click that column header and select insert row from the context menu.(interestingly the width of the inserted column is the width of the column to the left of the one I selected)

Information about the driver for an installed USB device would be found under the?

Go to Start>and right-click on My Computer>click Manage>a window will pop up its the Computer Management, click on Device Manger under System Tools, then if you expand one of the device fields, there you can right-click on one of the devices and click Properties, then click on the Driver tab and you can click on Driver Details for more information.

Certificate for java for runescape?

Usually you would Right-Click where java loads up to see it.

Can you take your right click button off your laptop?

I Can understand why you would want to do this. I wouldnt advise to do it.

How would you copy a shortcut document or shortcut folder that would look like an original document from one computer to another?

Right click on the shortcut, change it's name. Right click on the shortcut, select properties, and change what the icon looks like.

How do you right click on an Acer laptop?

To right click on an Acer lap top you would use the same actions as your do with other laptop touch pads. This action requires pushing the button located on the bottom of the touch pad on the right hand side.

How do you create a border in Microsoft office Excel?

Highlight the cell or range of cells around which you would like to put a border.Right-click and select Format Cells.Click on the Border tab.Select the border you would like from the left side of the Border tab window.Click on Outline on the top right side of the Border tab window.Click OK.Click on a cell not in the range you selected.Observe the outline.

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for 1st game penguin drop right click and click play over and over again next game mighty girl/guy right click and click forward then right click and click play water bug has no cheats Roley poly rodeo has no cheats creepy crawlers has no cheats switch has no cheats but, on extreme air right click and click forward then right click and click play then right click and click play, again. do this for all levels of extreme air the rest of the games have no cheats except mighty girl/guy 2 witch has the same cheat as mighty girl/guy 1 There is no possible way of beating the whole thing but I have some codes I would like to share with you...pizza8,queen8,rusty8,meter8,peach8,peace8,pinch8,roach8,nick8,rapid8,nickel8, Those ought to get you pretty far!

How can you apply for supervisor on WikiAnswers?

You can go to browse categories and click on which one you would like to supervise, then click "supervise this category" which will appear on the right side of the page.

What would happen without meiosis?

Organisms would be unable to produce gametes and thus be unable to sexually reproduce.