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Q: What would you call some one that encourages you to do something?
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What does it mean when you are told something till you believe it?

Some would call it being convinced, others would call it being brain washed, depending on the context in which it is used.

What do you call it when you stir up someone or some group to do something?

In criminal law incitement is the willful encouragement of one person to inspire another to commit an act of criminality. The inciter is usually present at the scene of the offense and encourages the perpetrator to commit the act.

What do Americans call a maglite torch?

Some Americans would call it a flashlight, although others may call it something else, entirely dependent on the the brand name. It just depends on the person.

Why would your guy friend call you sparky?

That depends, it could have some form of meaning behindthe nickname of something may have done or something, or pehaps it's just a nickname. My best friends call me Babycakes and I have no idea why.

Is the sentence I give you a call correct?

No, that is not correct. If you are telling someone that you will phone them at some future time, the sentence would be, I will give you a call. You might also be talking about a something possible rather than actual; for example, if I give you a call, would you be willing to talk to me? But you would not just say, I give you a call.

What do you do if someone breaks in?

I would get some where safe and call the police .If the person trys to get you fight back or pick up something to hit he or she with.

What would you call lunchable when it comes to snacks for kids?

Some good snacks for kids would be something as simple as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Others could be soup, pizza, or something healthy or nutritious.

If you find something valuable on the street do you have to call the police?

This is the right thing to do. However, some people would not and this is as bad as stealing. Put yourself in their shoes-would you want a person to turn in something valuable that you lost?

What are some reasons for using beverages?

It encourages hydration.

What are some sodas?

they are something you drink and buy at a store.they are call sodas!

What do you call a riddle that has no solution?

Some people would call it an "enigma" or a "conundrum."

What do you call a person in his 70's?

Some would call them seniors Septuagenarian!