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Your mother's father's uncle is your mother's great uncle and your great great uncle.

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What to call my mothers brother?

He is your uncle, in most families he would be Uncle (Jack, Fred or what ever his first name is).

What do you call your mothers sister husband in English?

Uncle-In-Law Your Mothers sister is your Aunt, so her husband will be called Uncle

What do you call fathers brother?

Your father's brother is your uncle.

What do you call you fathers cousins children?

it would be your cousin because your dad's cousin is your uncle and his/her children will be your long distance cousin

What does your son call your uncle?

Your uncle would be your sons great uncle. Normally your Son would also call him 'Uncle .... '

What did kids call their parents in US in 1800s?

Fathers: Mothers: Mum, ma'am, mama Fathers: Pa, Pop, Father, Papa

What do you call your grandfather in Hindi?

its dadaji or nanaji for fathers dad nd for mothers dad respetivly

What did kids call their parents in the 1800s?

Mothers: Mama or Mother Fathers: Pa, Papa or Father

What is your husband to your uncle?

Your husband and your uncle are not related to each other, although they are both related to you. Your uncle would call your husband "my niece's husband." Your husband would call your uncle "my wife's uncle."

What do I call my grandfather's brother?

He would be your Great Uncle, you would just address him as uncle.

What do you call your grandfathers uncle?

Your grandfather's uncle is your great great uncle. Your grandfather's brother would be your great uncle

How do your sister son kids call you?

In most families they would call you aunt or uncle. It would technically be great aunt or great uncle.

What do you call anuts husband?

You would call your aunt's husband "uncle".

Would your brother's son call you uncle?

Yes, your brother's son would refer to you as his uncle, and you would refer to him as your nephew.

How do you call your mother's father's son?

your uncle or even half uncle but it would be no different.

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