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What would you consider as your biggest achievement?


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Getting 50 trust points on WikiAnswers. :o)
Eating a 10 pound burger in under an hour. Eating a 10 pound burger in under an hour.

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What would you consider as your biggest achievement and why?

For me a Promotion to the part I would like to be in.

What would you consider as your biggest achievement and why?

as i just graduated so i have no experience and have to learned from others.

I am dependable with a pleasant personality, so a valuable team player.

How I will be remembered bu others whose opinions I have learned to respect.

There are many things in my life that I value such as my family, my career, and friends. I could not choose just one moment in my life that I felt was my greatest achievement because every component in my life is important to me.

Well, to Cody, his biggest achievement would probably be becoming really famous or winning a lot of swimming championships.

His biggest achievement is managing to be the first person to go to the moon.

Thurgood biggest achievement was that he was the first black supermecourt justice.

Tony Hawks biggest achievement was when he won a skating competition.

I wont say biggest professional achievement i stillhave to achieve...

The biggest achievement according to roadies is the first woman to travel to space. The biggest achievement according to roadies is the first man to travel to space.

You could talk about a study that you performed or a patient that you helped heal. This is a question usually asked before a promotion or for a new job or school class.

No. actually some of the best drivers in the world are women, and not men. Isn't that funny.

I would flatter the egos of the interviewers and make it equally difficult for them to continue by saying that my greatest achievement was actually being interviewed by them for that job, the only thing which could better it would be to be offered the position. Reason - the company is an acknowledged leader in the field and if they consider that I am worthy of interview then I must have achieved a similar standing in their view!

Package Manager is The Biggest Achievement of Linux

His greatest achievement was writing A Divine Comedy

Few people consider him to be a great President. His biggest achievement was civil service which curtailed the spoils system.

I assume his biggest achievement would be his New York times bestsellers but it's just a guess right.....

There are a number of achievements that Serena Williams may consider her greatest. Some consider her fame her greatest achievement.

the biggest achievement one can make is removing all their unfounded beliefs

Hephaestus biggest achievement must have been to do with metal work or being an artisan. Hephaestus was a Greek god who was the only one to work as a blacksmith.

Many people consider graduating college as a major achievement. They can also consider getting a nice paying job as a major achievement.

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