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If my best friend stole something from me I would definetly make sure that I am certain it was them. Then I would tell my parents about it and finally I would confront my friend,or if it is too difficult a situation then get your parents to confront their parents. Try and work it out with this friend but if they are continually letting you down with things like this then they aren't the best friend you would want to be around.

Make ABSOLUTELY sure it was them . Then tell them you value your friendship more that what they stole, but you value honesty more than anything else. If they won't come clean with that assurance, time to get a new best friend. And yes, tell your parents if you must.

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If your friend is hanging out with someone you hate and you tell your friend you hate them but they continue to hang out with them what do you do

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Q: What would you do if your best friend stole something from you?
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