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We do circle the sun. This allows us to observe the parts of the sky obscured by the sun, when we reach the point in our orbit when we are on 'the other side' of the sun.

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When would you see the sun all night long?

If you go past the arctic circle in the summer, the sun won't set.

Why do we see rainbows only when the sun is relatively low in the sky?

-- The rainbow you see is a part of a circle.-- The center of the circle is on the line from the sun through your head.-- The radius of the circle is 86 degrees.-- The higher in the sky the sun is, the lower underground the center of the circle is,and the less of the circle is above ground where you can see it.===========================================-- Also, in order to see a rainbow, the sun must be in clear sky, whereas there must bewater droplets in the air in the direction where you see any colors. The chances of asetup like this are much better when the sun is low in the sky.

What do you see when you observe the sun?

Usually you would not really be able to observe the sun because the sun can blind you if you stare at it for too long. If you did observe the sun you would see sunflares and sunspots. Search What are sunflares? and What are Sunspots You could not watch and observe the sun. But, technology could! So basically you could see a very huge rock covered with flames!

How many day does it take for the moon to circle around the sun if it could?

What do you mean "if it could"? The Moon does circle the Sun, together with planet Earth. Once a year.

How many time is the sun larger than the earth?

The sun is 109 times bigger than the earth. You could lay 109 earths across the sun and it would circle the sun.

When can you see the midnight sun?

You would have to be within the arctic or antarctic circle, and it would have to be during the summer months, when the pole (depending on if you are at the south or north pole) is tilted towards the sun. If positioned just within the arctic (or antarctic) circle, then you would only see the midnight sun on the very longest days at the peak of summer. I positioned right at either of the poles, you would see the midnight sun pretty much through the whole of the time from late March through to September.

Would it be easier to see the sun from earth on a cloudy day if you could see in UV?


Why you See Rainbows As you Do?

A true rainbow will always appear opposite the sun from your position. The arc you see is part of a circle. If you drew a line from the center of the circle to your eye and extended it behind you it would extend to the sun. Each person actually sees his own rainbow.

Rotation of the earth around the sun picture?

The path of the Earth around the sun is in the shape of an ellipse, which is very much like a circle only slightly flattened. You could draw a circle, that would be close enough.

Does the moon cover the light from the sun?

no it only reflects the light if the sun was not here not only would we not be alive but you could not see the moon

How big is the moon and sun together?

If you could compare the sun to the size of a penny, an electronic microscope would be needed to see the moon.

How many times do the sun circle the planet?

none the sun doesnt circle the planet planets circle the sun!!!

What do you see from earth during a solar eclipse?

You see a dark circle in the middle, with a ring of light around it. The dark circle you see is the Moon, and the ring of light around it is the Sun behind it.

Could you see the earths light if you were on the moon?

In the same way we see brightness from the Moon as a result of the Sun shining on it, you would see brightness on the Earth from the Moon when the Sun is shining on it. You would not be able to see normal lights, like street lights, from the Moon.

IF someone wet the sun would the sun be still hot?

it would be impossible to get the sun wet. the water would freeze before you could get it to the sun. and even if you could get it there, it would evaporate before it could touch the sun. so yes, it would still be hot

Could ancients see solar flares?

They could see solar flares during total solar eclipses. They could probably not see them on the surface of the sun....but they could of seen the Borialis' they could probably not see them on the surface of the sun....but they could of seen the Borialis'

If I was standing on the Moon would I be able to see the Sun?

If you were standing on the moon, you could see the sun unless you were standing on the night side of the moon or on the moon during a lunar eclipse..

What planets circle the sun?

All planets circle the Sun

If you where on Venus would you be able to see the sun?

No. You would see a dull reddish glow, but not the actual Sun.

As the earth turns we see the stars move across the sky then the sun rises and we cant see the stars but if we could what stars would we see?

The stars that you would see at night in 6 months time.

What is the duration of Circle of the Sun?

The duration of Circle of the Sun is 1740.0 seconds.

Why does the length of a planets orbit increase as it gets farther away from the sun?

This is because the farther a planet is from the sun, the farther it has to travel to get all the way around the sun. You can see this by drawing a dot on a piece of paper to represent the sun. Draw a circle around that dot to represent the orbit of a planet, and then a circle around that circle to represent the orbit of a farther planet. You can measure the inner circle with string and then measure the outer circle with the same string The outer circle will measure to be farther around than the inner circle.

What is a sentence using the word horizon?

The closer the sun to the horizon, the more of the Earth's circle we see

How is earth heated?

Obviously, the sun heats an lights the earth. Without the sun. we could not see anything and we would be FREEZING. Unless of course we had electric heaters.

What is the shape of an rainbow?

A circle, with a center on the line connecting the sun to your eyes. You only see the top half of the circle because the Earth gets in the way.

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