Founding Fathers

What would you tell a founding father?


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I would ask Americas founding fathers, how they became Americas founding fathers? Also why did they sign the deceleration of independence? Lastly why do we have founding fathers?


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the founding father is the Constitution the founding father is the Constitution

The founding father of Christianity is Jesus himself without him we would not know the joys of God almighty.

Who is the founding father of Philadelphia

which founding father explain

He is not a Founding Father.

Abraham was the founding father of Judaism.

Enzo Ferrari Is the founding father of Ferrari

Andrew Johnson was not a founding father.

if i had to tell my founding fathers something i would talk about how stupid they were, that they shaved their heads because they would get lice. i Wonder if women shaved there heads back then too

/3 Benjamin Franklin was an awesome Founding Father because if he wasn't here there would be no United States Of America , it would be all taken over by the British!

No, of couse not. The founding father were the 2 contedental congress

Benjamin Franklin was an inventor, a scientist and a founding father.

There was no US Founding Father who was born Muslim.

The founding father of American was George Washington, and Washington DC was named after him.

Alexander Hamilton is the founding father that proposed the electoral college.

Franklin Roosevelt was not a Founding Father. He was alive much, much later.

There is a difference between what being a "founding father" is, and being a framer of the constitution, as there were some of our founding fathers who were not at the Convention when the Constitution was formed.

It would be Father Serra with the establishment of the mission. The city built up around the mission.

He doesn't have any children but he is a founding father because he is like a father to his wife child from her first marriage.

I am asking the question. How do you tell the father? I would love to hear men's answer.

His role as a founding father was to become the first president of the united Staets.

Many historians consider Andrew Jackson a Founding Father because he was in the revolutionary war as a child. He was also one the first presidents. I do not consider him to be a founding father however.

He was a founding father of the united states when he served in the Continental Army in the American revolutionary war.

He did a lot of very important for our country if it wasn't for him we would not be here

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